Baseball Rundown – How to Do a Rundown in Baseball

Baseball rundown

Baseball rundown – source: ESPN.COM

One of the most exciting activities for baseball fans and enthusiasts in the summer as well as for players in a practice or a game is a fantasy rundown baseball, also called a pickle.  People also love it for a reason and mostly for the excitement in the neighborhood park or your backyard that it brings.

If ever you needed a little memory recall, the pickle involves a base runner who is caught in between two bases.   Immediately following this event is the base runner (can be you) engaging at least two infielders who are out on a mission of tagging you out.

How to Do a Rundown in Baseball

Doing a rundown in baseball is an exciting activity to try, so you might want to learn how to do it.  Check out the following steps to get started.

  1. Get the ball and tad fast.

Put the baseball into your throwing hand so that you can throw or tag fast.

  1. Choose the throwing path.

The baseball infielders must get to the base runner’s side whether receiving or throwing the baseball. In order to do it, the players must proceed to the infield grass side, preventing the throw to hit the base runner. It will also allow for a clear sight light of the receiver and thrower

  1. You should then run going to the target.

Your main task is to go running hard at the base runner so that he can decide if you are the one with the ball.  He needs to run hard, making it hard to change directions or to stop.   You should run hard to force the situation and him to commit. Then, you can give the baseball up to the receiver or tag him.

If you’re the one receiving the ball, you should be able to seal any space or gap between your partner and you, so that the base runner will find it hard to stop. It will also cause the base runner to go to the opposite direction before you’d be able to tag him.  Doing so, you will be able to keep the current play in the bases’ center and far enough to a spot where the base runner can do a slide to get in.

  1. Be able to follow your throw.

Are you playing the initial base and throwing it to the shortstop? If so, you should be able to peel off before continuing to the next base. You’re going to be in line just right behind another baseman that’s standing by for the succeeding throw. If the shortstop gives the baseball up, he will then go to the first base before getting in line.  This is the set up if it needs more than two throws.

  1. One of the baseball rundown rules to remember, too, is to go out the baseline.

Once you’ve thrown to the next guy, you have to peel off, but do not go to or cross the baseline. You must stay out the runner’s way. If a base runner has come in contact with a player from your side but without the baseball, he’ll be safe automatically.  That is why you need to stay out the baseline.

  1. Learn how to communicate and be attentive.

The infielder who receives will command “Now” or a similar term when he wanted to have the ball. It will help in closing the gap, and once you’ve given up, he would catch the ball, and then tag right away.

  1. You need to secure the baseball for the tag.

You need to secure the baseball for the tag and should keep holding it in your throwing hand, but make sure that you wrap your gloves around it when making a tag. It will keep the ball secured, preventing losing it during a collision. Remember that you need to tag the base runner with the baseball. Also, know that you cannot keep the ball in the throwing hand, and then be able to tag with the glove.

Pro Tips for a Successful Baseball Rundown

  • Do not pump fake the base runner in a rundown. You should the ball steady to get a quick release when a teammate commands “ball.”  Otherwise, it will just lead to problems for your teammate.
  • Make the runner turn so that he can run and harder at full speed, or you can tag him if he doesn’t.
  • For catchers, pitchers or infielders: If a base runner is caught between the two bases, you should run hard and go straight at him so that he can run hard towards a specific direction.   Remember, you must control the situation so that you can force the issue. You should make him run to the direction you want him to go.
  • Use only a few numbers of throws.  Do know that your goal is to complete the play with ay most two throws. It will help cutting down on the errant throw potential.  You can do it by running hard at the base runner so that you can force him to commit before you could throw to your partner.

Final Thoughts

In practice, you might have been baseball rundown drills, which is valuable to know what to do when it’s being called for by the situation.  However, you should remember that one of the hallmarks of a rundown defense is decisiveness.   In this case, it won’t matter what philosophy in rundown you’re going to use.   But if you’re the coach, you know that your players’ decisiveness is one of the keys to a successful fantasy baseball rundown. Remember these tips to avoid too many throws, mistakes and lost outs.

Practice doing a baseball rundown today!

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Baseball Rundown – How to Do a Rundown in Baseball
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