Significant association players have been flaunting Lizard Skins – apparently one of the most mind-blowing bats hold tape brands – for in excess of a couple of years. Presently different organizations are getting in on the demonstration with bat tape in an assortment of shadings and examples. Presently you need to wrap your own bat, partake in a predominant hold, get some insurance from vibration, and of course grasp, the tape is accessible in a combination of condensations, including or outwardly a shabby vibe to assist with holding your bat back from slipping. It arrives in an eye-popping exhibit of tones and examples, taking bat customization to totally different statures. While each player requires to resemble astounding, it’s an ingenious thought to insert your clutch and your solace first. On the off chance that you will in general feel entirely awkward with the vibrations that happen when you hit the ball, search for an all-around padded tape. More slender holds are great for softball players. Obviously, they’re likewise fine for any individual who wouldn’t fret feeling the association between the bat and ball! e stand apart from the group.

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1 1/2" Fusible Batting Tape 2 Pack
1 1/2" Fusible Batting Tape 2 Pack
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Batting Seam Tape
Batting Seam Tape
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Michell Marketing Fusible Tape 2"x 30yd
Michell Marketing Fusible Tape 2"x 30yd
$9.37 $9.99 

Contents Inside

Best batting tape

1. Alien Pros Baseball Bat Grip 3-Pack Non-Slip Grip Tape

Outsider Pros Z-Tac ball grasps arrive in a helpful three-equipment and  Each measuring tape is 27mm scattered by 47.2 inches hard, by 0.02 inches friendly, and will suit both ball and softball bats and  The overgrip is cheap to the taste and ingests shock, helping with forestalling rankles and easing shake and There are Various special examples to browse.

Key Features

  • The hold is shocked retentive and consequently doesn’t permit the power of effect on the bat to influence the batsman. 
  • Sports bat hold for the cricket bat handles has been intended to give you a delicate and agreeable feel which is a useful element during extended periods of play. 
  • The bat hold will empower you to play effortlessly and guarantee that you get a decent grasp over the bat. Light in Weight and Durable and made with High-Quality Rubber.


  • Sturdy 
  • Longer than some different grasps 
  • Simple to apply, considerably over another tape 


  • Altogether too flimsy for compound/composite youth bats or BBCOR bats 

In case you’ve been seeking a way of preventing your club from moving or traveling out of your support yet you’re not within the more numerous, cushier feel some different holds happen, you strength need to think Alien Pros bat grasp. With three grasps for each package, the price is similar to various kinds, in addition to you’ll have any extra prepared for the following time you’d favor rewrapping your bat. Actresses who lean proceeding strong examples to splendid shadings will like the manner in which these hold tape plans improve the appearance of a commonly enjoyed bat, as well!

Alien Pros Baseball Bat Grip 3-Pack Non-Slip Grip Tape

2. Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

Snake Skins 1.1mm bat takes highlight an intimate felt pad, an external finished plan, and a lightweight vibe for extraordinary solace. Pre-sliced to make the establishment more simple, they are not trying to clean with isopropyl liquor about water. These DSP Durasoft polymer bat covers oppose moving in any case, when wet. Wrapping directions are incorporated for your benefit.

Key Features

  • Olympic all-around hold 
  • Balanced pad with a thickness 
  • Most important adaptability 
  • Full cement back 
  • Designed to fit wood, composite, or aluminum bats


  • Works actually hard of forestalling rankles 
  • Calculated cuts on closes; no compelling purpose to re-slice to get a pleasant, proficient look 
  • Feels cheap without feeling tacky 


  • A few shots of sped up wear 
  • A couple of reports of flawed glue on the back of the tape 
  • Players who are searching for a decent degree of padding without totally losing the sensation of the bat are probably going to see the value in Lizard Skins 1.1mm bat grasp. While a couple of analysts have experienced issues with life span, the larger part is content with the item’s strength just as its solace and appearance.

Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

3. Lizard Skins 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip

Lizard Skins 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip is intended to provide a cheap hold outdoors adding width to the bat’s handle. Offering more outspoken analysis from the bat than thicker pieces do, this hold tape is 39 inches high, with pre-cut terminations for convenience. Browse a variety of strong tones and intense examples.

Key Features

  • Top hold picked by masters 
  • Ideal on wood bats 
  • No additional thickness to the handle 
  • More immediate criticism from the bat 
  • 990 mm (39 inches) long with pre-cut closures


  • In excess of 35 shadings and examples to look over 
  • Simple to apply 
  • Considers a firm, no-slip hold 


  • Costs somewhat more than some different choices 
  • While a couple of clients felt that this bat grasp was overrated, most were excited with the rope capacity to promote a bat’s handle without continuing mass. In case you are examining for shading or pattern to give your bat an extraordinary manner while developing your performance, and you needn’t worry about any waste, then, at that point, you might need to check Lizard Skins 0.5mm camo bat hold out.

Lizard Skins 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip

4. OMG – Oh My Grips Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap

Key Features

  • ADD your Private mark and make your own more grounded hold with a superior non-slip grasp wrap. Our one-of-a-kind Oh My Grips omg Logo is stepped on to each hold for predominant solace, grasp, and style. 
  •  Reinvent your Suitcase, Oh My Grips utilizes the best quality padded polymer to give brilliant vibration and sting insurance for players at the plate, or on the court. 
  •  Assistance Accuracy, each hand bat hold tape is 1 inch by 43.5 inches long, so you can wrap anything from a slugging stick to various Ping-Pong oars or anything in the middle! Extraordinary for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Ping Pong, etc. Likewise, use as handle wraps or bar wraps. 
  • Masterfully Superintended, our preeminent hold wrap accompanies pre-cut closures for simple establishment – simply strip, wrap and secure with the gave completing tape! 
  • Dominated Among Consumer satisfactions and Nature- Why purchase Oh My Grips OMG handgrips? Since we are a little three-man group, attempting to bring you something GREAT that the huge folks can’t! In the event that you have without question, ANY issue with our bat grasp wraps, just let us know and we will give you a total discount, no inquiries posed! Client assistance is our top Advantage! Questions remarks, prompts, anything! Try not to stop for a second to contact us!
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  • Functions admirably on wood and metal bats 
  • Tones stay splendid and alluring 
  • Agreeable, padded feel 


  • Less shabby than some different brands 
  • Despite the fact that this organization offers fewer tones than some others, this brand gets extraordinary imprints for solace and great looks. Players who are searching for a lot of padding and security from rankles that can occur during long practice meetings, hot metal bat handles, and other normal issues partake in the manner in which OMG hold tape feels. Many contrast its appearance with that of ore costly Lizard Skins.

OMG – Oh My Grips Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap

5. Vulcan Bat Grip

Accessible in excess of forty unique tones and examples, Vulcan Bat Grip Tape offers a thickness of 1.75mm for open to padding. This item gives great holding power by means of a finished “labyrinth” engraved example. Made with cutting-edge polymer, this grasp works in wet or dry climate conditions and is not difficult to apply to wood or metal bats.

Key Features

  • Standard (1. 75 mm) prevalent holding power; steady with a Stock grasp on most combination and composite bats 
  • Progressed polymer grasps that convey the greatest feeling in dry or wet conditions 
  • Components best in class “labyrinth” engrave for a definitive holding arrangement 
  • Simple to apply to any bat handle 
  • Red, White and blue


  • Online guidance video helps make establishment simpler 
  • Particular examples 
  • Costs somewhat less than some other well-known brands 


  • A few clients note that the finishes will in general start stripping back inevitably 
  • Some light shadings begin to look messy decently fast 

In case you’re searching for an agreeable hold that gives your baseball or softball bat an interesting appearance, you’ll presumably like Vulcan Bat Grip. While certain individuals have had issues with the item stripping, the maker presently incorporates extra tape to apply to the completed end, alongside an extremely valuable internet-based guidance video that limits the danger of slip-ups that abbreviate the existence of your hold tape. Most clients are excited about the look, feel, and sturdiness of this tape.

Vulcan Bat Grip


By the day’s end, however, picking the best homerun stick grasp tape comes down to inclination, and certain factors like their thickness, shading choices, and the amount you’re willing to spend. A few hitters incline toward conventional athletic or hockey tape for its vibe. With these wraps, you just add layers until you get to your favored solace level. These actually will not approach the sting decrease given by polymer holds, yet that is by and large why players lean toward it. Bat wraps don’t vary a lot as far as the advantages they offer. In any case, top-level wraps, for example, Lizard Skins and Vulcan have in practically no time acquired an enormous after in view of the multitude of tones, examples, and plans they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would I be able to put bat grasp over old hold tape? 

Refreshing the bat’s grasp can involve something other than a material change. Another bat wrap will work on the grasp of your baseball or softball bat during the hit. Another bat grasp may likewise be more steady than old or destroyed recordings. Changing out your bat grasp tape is a simple way of changing your swing. The most widely recognized hold size is the average size, which gives a decent center ground. This is an ordinary grasp utilized on new bats directly from the production line. Players that don’t need a huge pad yet aren’t willing to utilize them a lot more slender 0.5mm lean toward this thickness. 


2. Would it be advisable for me to put grasp tape on my wood bat? 

Introducing a bat grasp on a wood bat gives you a bigger number of decisions than you would suspect. For instance, you can pick an alternate tone for each plate to add appeal and character. You can likewise pick between slim, medium, or weighty bat tape to tailor the vibe of your swing. A more slender bat grasp permits you to move the bat into the strike zone quicker, which can prompt better hitting execution. A thicker bat grasp, then again, will work on your solace while holding your baseball or softball bat. A medium-thickness bat hold can give a decent harmony among execution and solace. It is completely dependent upon you and the colorway and thickness you need. Whenever you’ve settled on your decision, you may become involved with the establishment interaction. 


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Baseball and softball crews are progressively utilizing bat tape as an adornment. Bat Tape is utilized to upgrade the presence of a wood bat, yet it can likewise assist with further developing the batting experience’s grasp and solace. It is in any event, being utilized by a developing number of MLB players. You ought to likewise have a hold that is explicitly made for the bat handle. These grasps have expanded in prominence throughout the long term and are normally simple to utilize. They can fundamentally work on your grasp, especially in wet conditions. 


3. Do MLB players use BAT tape? 

MLB players wrap their ASH wood bat barrels with tape during batting practice to keep the grains from possibly chipping/isolating. In light of the grain structure of ASH, it was viewed as a deterrent measure to help the wood bat’s life span. This was accomplished for a very long time before Maple and Birch bats became normal. 


4. What bat tape do the experts utilize? 

White tape is utilized by most baseball players since it is not difficult to wrap and cut. The tape ought to be adaptable, versatile (permitting the skin to inhale), and give strong wrist support during ongoing interaction. Andover PowerFlex, a typical athletic tape (additionally utilized for injury avoidance), is the favored bat handle tape for proficient ballplayers. With progress comes plenty of choices.


5. What bat tape do MLB players use?


Lizard Skin bat tape

Lizard Skin bat tape is unquestionably the most recognizable name in bat tape these days and there is a reason for it. LizardSkin is made out of Durasoft Polymer (DSP) and the bat grips come in 37 different colors, both solid and camo, a signature series of select MLB players.


6. What bat tape do the pros use?


The very popular athletic tape (used for injury prevention, too), Andover PowerFlex, is the choice of bat handle tape for pro ballplayers. With popularity, comes choice


7. What tape is used on bats?

Athletic Tape / Pine Tar

An athletic tape is an excellent option for players that like the feel of the bat in their hands. It creates the thinnest handle (besides no grip at all) and allows you to really feel each swing.


8. What is the thickest bat grip?

1.8mm – This is a heavy thickness which is what most youth, Little League, and even some high school players prefer. This thickness of grip is recommended for more beginner players as it helps with shock absorption at the contact of the ball and bat.


9. Can you double tape a bat?

Yes, it is a safety issue. Tapering the handle to meet the knob reduces the effectiveness of the knob. I have pulled bats during a pre-game inspection for this violation, but have never needed to remove them from the game as the player would simply remove the excess tape.


10. Why is tape on bat cheating?

The grip that metal bats come with is usually much thicker than a layer of tape, so some players elect to remove the manufacturer’s grip and apply tape for this reason. The tape usually keeps the handle very thin and much easier to maneuver when holding and swinging the bat.


11. Do you oil a bat before knocking it in?

Knocking-in your Cricket bat is an essential part of its preparation. Even if you have purchased a “pre knocked in” bat, further knocking is always required. … Apply Raw linseed oil to the face, edges, and back of the bat evenly, 2 to 3 teaspoons of oil is the correct amount.


12. How do you pick a bat grip tape?

Considerations when Choosing Bat Grip Tape

Here are a few more things to consider. Just tackiness: If you don’t need padding and you prefer a thin handle grip, go for 0.5mm bat grip tape. It’s the thinnest available, yet it helps improve your grip.


13. Why do cricketers tape their fingers?


Cricketers tape their fingers to avoid injury from the impact of the hard cricket ball. Finger tapes help to propagate the impact of the cricket ball towards the wrist instead of the fingers and thus help in reducing the chance of an injury. Players also use tape to stop an existing injury from aggravating further.