Best Softball Bats for 6 Year Old

Expecting you need your child to be overwhelmed at any game, you first need to give them the right stuff. For softball players, gear decision is basic because of the large number in a bat’s arrangement that influence a player’s style and execution.

The softball season is rapidly reaching a conclusion and in the event that you haven’t effectively gotten the new bat you’ve been peering toward, this is an ideal opportunity to do as such. We’ve been following the development of the softball bat industry and saw that bat innovation has been progressing at a consistent rate and that more models are hitting the racks every year. 

As the spring season draws near, you’ll discover numerous youthful baseball players and mentors searching for the best softball bats to buy. Albeit the softball bat market can be mistaking for the fledgling, here are a few hints to assist you with settling on educated choices. 

There’s a great deal to think about when picking the best bats for your kid. First of all, you need to consider their age and expertise level, however significantly more in this way, you need to think about their size. This is perhaps the greatest factor with regards to picking a bat that is fitting for your youngster. 

Today in our blog you will track down the main 3 best softball bats for a very long time. For more data continue to peruse our blog.

Top 3 Best Softball bats for 6 year old

The word “best” is by all accounts a question of assessment. The best homerun stick for you might be the best bat for your youngster, or the best bat for your style of play. While there’s no set in stone answer, here are a couple of tips to assist you with picking the softball bat that is ideal for your requirements. The present youth are utilizing a steadily developing exhibit of innovation. From PDAs to tablets, small children are discovering approaches to remain associated with the world. In any case, shockingly, it’s not in every case simple to stay aware of everything. On the off chance that your kid is fixated on innovation, it very well may be difficult to tell what to get them to keep them inspired by the great parts of the freshest devices. Nonetheless, you can track down an extraordinary present for your kid by choosing an incredible softball bat.

1. Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat for 6 year old 

Easton’s Pink Sapphire is a pink bat and it has a truly lovely pink stone in the handle. Furthermore, no, it’s anything but a phony pink stone. It’s certified sapphire. The pink tone isn’t only to look good, all things considered. The pink stone has been utilized in the Easton Pink Sapphire for quite a while, and it is said to help the bat hold up better in the possession of a more youthful player. The Easton Pink Sapphire is planned explicitly for softball, and is the ideal bat for your daughter. The Easton Pink Sapphire is stacked with highlights that make it an extraordinary bat: The Pink Sapphire is made of Ultra-Lite Graphite, which is intended to give the greatest bat speed while additionally expanding. 

It additionally includes a one piece aluminum compound body with a delicate, composite tip to convey more fly than customary aluminum bats.

Special Features 

  • Durable.
  • It has a truly Comfortable hold. 
  • It is Long lasting and developed well. 
  • It arrives at a very Pocket accommodating cost.

Why do we recommend this bat?  

Fastpitch Softball is probably the hardest game to play for any age. You need a great deal of ability to connect with the ball at places of somewhere in the range of 70 and 100 miles each hour. The Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat is intended to give you simply that. It’s made out of the most grounded compound, Easton’s Alloy, which is mixed with an exceptional pink sapphire covering. Easton’s Alloy is known for its toughness, so you can depend on this bat to convey strong execution. Easton is one of the main bat producers on the planet, however it must be one of the weirdest. It has an entire series of various models that have distinctive air edges, handle, and barrel lengths. In the event that you additionally take a gander at the various models of softball bats, there is a colossal assortment of choices. You can even discover wood bats, aluminum bats, steel bats, and composite bats.

2. Coach Pitch Softball Bats  for 6 year old

Softball players are not actually known for their lightest of swings. A few players will swing as hard as possible with a softball bat, while others will adopt a more loosened up strategy – they’ll hold the bat close to the top, swing delicately, and still have the option to get a strong hit ready. By and large, the player that swings hard will be the one that will get more hits ready, and the ones that swing delicately will wind up with the least hits ready.

Special Features

  • Comfortable
  • Durable 
  • Lightweight
  • Approved for USSSA, ASA, ISA, NSA associations.
  • The plan of the bat is dynamic and smooth. 
  • It has Soft padded hold innovation.
Measurement24 x 2.2 x 2.2” 
Weight11 oz 
Drop– 13 
Shadings White, Grey, Sky Blue, Light Pink 


  • It is best for young girls.
  • It contains Longer Handle.
  • The craftsmanship of this bat is remarkable. 
  • The material of this bat is of 100% quality. 
  • The shading of this bat is remarkable.
  • Pop sound of this bat is truly decent.


  • This bat is somewhat more costly than comparative bats.

3. Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Rawlings Storm is a top entertainer in its group, with a demonstrated history of execution. It is a fastpitch softball bat that has dominated more matches for Rawlings than some other brand. The bat has a unique coat that considers more hold and a smoother swing. The coat additionally assists with controlling the ball noticeable all around. The bat can be utilized in both chilly climate and in sweltering climate, and has side boards that decrease the bat’s weight. The bat has an empty handle that has been intended to help it to have an improved outlook in your grasp, and it gauges substantially less than other top entertainers.

Materials & Size 

The Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Bat is perhaps the best bat for youngsters, with minimal measure of backlash, and the most brief swing way. It has a fair vibe and is intended for proficient level play. The bat has a smooth plan and weighs just shy of one pound. 

Barrel & Handle 

The Rawlings Storm is a fastpitch softball bat intended for more youthful players, and is a flexible model that can be utilized as a slowpitch bat when players hit for a high softball. The barrel and handle of the bat are made out of a solid polyamide material, which is tough and lightweight. The barrel has a cone-like shape, and its record is medium-low. The handle has a solid grasp and the end is adjusted.


  • Durable and keeps going longer 
  • It can Extended perfect balance 
  • Nice weight and further develops execution 


  • Expensive

Why do we recommend this bat?

The Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat is a reasonable, full-sized bat that is great for season long softball associations. With an aluminum amalgam barrel, the Storm gives extraordinary pop and uncommon bat control, even on the hardest of attributes and the most outrageous conditions. Truth be told, the bat tips the scales at a simple 4.8 pounds, which is one of the lighter weight bats in its group. The fastpitch bat is likewise American-made, which is significant for those of us who like to help homegrown assembling.

Before buying a bat for 6 year olds kid we should consider the following things

Besides, this segment is an extra part as a result of the gigantic prevalence of softball bats for 6 years of age kids. You’ve thought about standard measuring guides in the prior segment yet. This part will help you to consider some normal strategies to purchase the best bat for your 6 year old kids. 

1. Weight 

Weight of a bat is the main factor. Obviously you previously noticed the bat’s size as indicated by the table which we referenced. Say, you’ve chosen the size of the bat as 31″. Various bats on the web or neighborhood stores in regards to the size. Metal bat contains heavyweight and it isn’t suggested for youngsters. The wooden bats are delicate, weighty. So the lone decision ought to be composite compound bats. For 6 year old kids, composite compound bats are one-piece, lightweight, solid and stable enough. Easton and Marucci makers are the most ideal decision for such bats. 

2. Length 

It is basic to browse the length of a bat. Even structures showed the right sizes as of now. However, while buying a bat, it can be discovered even partial length bats, for example, 291⁄2″ or 301⁄2″ . All things considered, that you particularly favore. On the off chance that the chosen length of the bat is 31″, you can utilize 301⁄2″ or 311⁄2″. Be that as it may, for long time use it is smarter to collect the most elevated partial one. 

3. Measuring 

The length of a bat should be estimated from the center chest to the center fingertip. Setting the hand evenly, you can gauge this. Simply stand straight and raise your arm with the right point such as 90o to the body. Utilize an estimating tape from the center of your chest to the center finger of your lifted hand. It’s a short method to choose the necessary softball bat. Spikes are compulsory for youngsters. Get those likewise for a 6 year old kid.

4. Durability 

For a long time, wooden bats aren’t that tough. Additionally, it hurts when it breaks on the grounds that the garbage is weakened and sharp. Late innovation bats are tough enough since they utilize weighty composite fiber material, crossover composite amalgam, compound carbon fiber, aluminum-tungsten innovation. Wooden bats have less vibration, less delicacy, and gigantic perfect balances. By using these bats, newbie children or players feel the most extreme comfort and hitting power. 

5. Cost 

Cost is the main consideration in bat buying. Comparable bats can differ with costs. You can go for a modest one for your 6 year old kids. Inexpensive bats are lightweight including any remaining facilities. The Marucci softball bats are cheap for this case. For softball, we propose DeMarini composite bats. From online commercial centers, you can know about the details of any bat like the component, value, stars and cons, and claim to fame. Accumulate thoughts from that point and get the bat from neighborhood stores. In addition, top noticeable makers sell bats from their online site too. 

6. Drop 

Excessive for no particular reason factor or unpredictable playing, but rather in an association title, the drop of a bat is mandatory. All significant softball associations have some devoted standards and guidelines. Among these principles, you likewise discover the bat drop issues. A bat drop is a derivation from bat  length to bat weight. In the event that a bat weighs 17″ with 26″ length, the drop of this bat is -9. Makers produce bats likewise. In any case, significant associations endorse a bat drop from -3 to -13, with the exception of BBCOR associations. BBCOR bats drop is fixed which is – 3. – 10 to – 13 is an ideal drop for 6 year old kids . The heavier bat contains lower drops. Among all softball bats the BBCOR bats are the heaviest. 

7. Materials 

For any softball bat, materials are the vital worry. Bunches of heavyweight and lightweight materials are utilized haphazardly. Most recent innovation bats are accessible too to help the best player’s interest. It is acceptable to have a cross breed composite combination bat for your 6 year old kids. It has perfect balance, lightweight, solid, and modest. A keen looking construction just as fun components.

8. Structure 

Two kinds of bat development are recognizable to all such as one piece and two piece. Both are useful for hitting anyway kids have delicate palms just as delicate wrists. Any serious force or contort on these causes separation of bones, injury, muscular breakdown, and shortcoming. We suggest one-piece bats, however wooden ones for 6 years old kids. In this stage wooden bats are avoidable. The metal composite bats are lightweight, steady, strong, and simplicity of solace. These bats help provide sufficient fun realities for youngsters. The one piece bats are useful for swing, pop, whip. The two piece bats are useful for grown-up kids in secondary everyday schedules. 

9. Leagues 

All things considered, various associations have various principles and guidelines with the exception of normal ones. Most importantly, you need to think about what kind of association or title is reasonable for your kid. We for the most part get them into T-ball softball associations for 6 year old kids. Bunches of appealing t-ball baseball/softball bats are accessible in commercial centers. As a child, it is fundamental starting with ordinary associations and enormous in-house rehearsals.

10. Specifications

Bat particulars comprise of bat length, barrel width, drop weight, suggested age etc. For 6 year old kids, the substance details are- 

  • Age: 6 year old or lower 
  • Appropriate length: 24” – 26” 
  • Barrel diameter: 2-¼”, 2-⅝”
  • Perfect weight drop: – 10 to -131⁄2 

In any case, for the junior league, the suggested details are- 

  • Age: 8 year old or lower 
  • Length: 25” – 28” 
  • Barrel diameter: 2-⅝”, 2-¾” 
  • Weight drop: – 10 to – 12

Adhering to those principles or details, you can pick your necessary bat for your 6 year old kids without any problem.


While choosing a Fastpitch softball bat, the length and weight are the two most significant components. To decide the best length and weight for you or your player, different factors should be thought about. Strength, hitting mechanics, and obviously, individual inclination all have a key influence. With a wide range of bats on the lookout, for 6 year olds kids it may very well be hard to track down the best homerun sticks. You should try to find the best bats which will be perfect for your kids.

Q1. What size softball bat should a six year old use?

We reviewed many guardians of long term olds about the size bat they use. The right size bat for most 6 year olds is either a drop 12 26/14 or a drop 10 26/16. We recommend you stay in that scope of 14 to 16 ounces paying little mind to what bat you get.

Q2. How do you pick a 6 year old bat?

In the event that your youngster age is 6 years, you can pick 24-26″ length bats. Or on the other hand you can quantify it by weight. For under 60 pounds and 38-40 inches tallness kids need 26-27″ bats. For 7 years of age children can change 26″ bats.

Q3. What is the best baseball glove for a 6 year old?

The Rawlings Youth Glove offers extraordinary solace and can coordinate with a wide scope of hand sizes relying upon your youngster’s elements. Rawlings additionally planned this with a Velcro wrist lash to guarantee that it grasps the hand cozily however solidly. You don’t need to stress over it sneaking off or being excessively close during long periods of game time.

Q4. What size softball glove does a 6 year old need?

Pre-T-athletes under age 5: 9-inch glove. T-ball, ages 5 to 7: 9-to 11-inch glove. Youth baseball, ages 8 to 12: 10-to 12-inch glove. Youth softball, 8 to 12: 10.5-to 13-inch.

Q5. How do you know if a softball glove fits?

The attack of your softball glove is essential to your capacity to get the ball or move it from the glove to your hand. For legitimate estimating, measure from the tip of your pointer to the beginning of your wrist in inches. Your glove ought to throw a tantrum.

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