First Base Drills That Every First Baseman Should Know!

Baseball tips - First base drills

Baseball tips – First base drills

Baseball tips – First base drillsEver position of the player in a baseball game is important. One of the key positions are held by the player who is on first base called the First Baseman. Each runner passes through him and he is the player that has to compensate in the case of wrong throws of the infielders. There are certain skills that even the best first baseman of all time have followed to keep their game strong. These skills help in keeping improving reflexes, flexibility and agility of the first baseman.

What Is First Base?

Before diving into the drills for the first baseman, let us understand what First Base actually is. The first base meaning the first station that falls on the baseball diamond that has to be touched by the runner. First Base is also called the ‘other hot corner’ in the baseball game since this is one of the four places where most of the action in a baseball game takes place.

The first baseman is the player on the defense team that is in charge of the areas that surround the first base. The 1st base is usually covered by a tall player who usually has quick reflexes and is flexible. Since the first baseman has to receive throws from the infielders, the catchers as well as the pitchers, they need to have certain qualities.

Skills of the First Baseman

The First Baseman requires some skills so that he or she can play a good game and do justice to their positions. Here are some skills that are needed:


Footwork is one of the specific skills that are expected from a first baseman. You need proper footwork so that you can move around the bag easily without losing your coverage area.

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Picking Ball in the Dirt

If you have the skill to dig the ball out of the dirt, this gives your team members a new sense of confidence in you and also can help you in progressing the game much faster.

Knock the Ball Down

It’s your duty to keep the ball infield. You need to know how to use your body such as your chest, shoulders and even your legs so that the ball is near you and does not move awkwardly around the field.

Fielding in First base drills

Fielding is the main role of a first baseman and hence you need to have appropriate fielding skills that include fast reaction, catching and strength. Knowing when to slow down and when to be aggressive also comes under this skill.

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How to throw a ball to the base so that you have the most control over it is another skill that you need to have as a baseman. You need to have special first base gloves if you want to be good at picking and throwing the ball.

Important First Base Drills

As we have learned, there are certain skills that are required by the first baseman in the game of baseball as well as softball. So, here is a list of some baseball and softball first base drills that can be really useful for the players.

      1. The Stride Drill

the stride drill

the stride drill

the stride drillThe first of the first base drills is the stride drill. As it is known that the first baseman needs to be good at fielding which also includes catching and throwing. The stride drill will help the player in preparing for the uncertain balls that might be thrown from different locations. In this drill, the first baseman and another player are required. The player will throw balls at the baseman and he will have to stay at his position which is left foot always touching the side of the bag while being able to catch the ball. The distance between the two players should be 20-25 feet minimum.

      2. The Catch and Stride Setup Drill

Knowing the best time to stride after the thrower has thrown the baseball is important for a first base player. This drill requires a shortstop and the third baseman as well. The player has to be in their positions whereas the coach is on the home. The coach will hit the baseball in the direction of the shortstop. Each time it will be in a different location. The job of the first baseman in this drill is to practice the third baseman or the shortstop move and when does he need to make a stride in order to catch a ball.

      3. Throws Around The Base

Being able to throw the ball around the first base is also an important skill to have. This is the third of the first base drills that will focus on throwing the ball all around the first base. In this a coach of another player will stand 10-15 feet away from the first baseman and the baseman will have to receive the throws from the coaches. The coach will keep changing his position of throwing the ball and the baseman has to catch them by stretching his body.

      4. Backhand Catch

There are times when the first baseman has to catch a backhand catch and also make a throw. This drill will help in the backhand catch and throw improvement. In this, a runner, a shortstop and the second baseman are needed. The runner has to be placed at the first base. The coach will hit the ball to the position of the shortstop who will throw the ball to the first baseman. He has to catch the ball backhand. After catching, he has to throw it to the second baseman.

      5. Short Hop Drill

This is one of the first base drills that will require the first baseman and two other infield players. The preferred players can be the shortstop and the third baseman. Now both the infielders will throw hard one hop balls, preferably five from their positions. Each time the throw the ball, the angle has to be different.

This exercise will be able to challenge the first baseman and he will have to catch and throw different kinds of balls. We also hope that you are loving reading our blogs, kindly share your opinions as well, we love to hear you.

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First Base Drills That Every First Baseman Should Know!
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