How to hit a baseball farther: 8 tips

Baseball how to hit - for Kids

Baseball how to hit – for KidsTo win baseball game, you have to get more runs than the other team. To get the run, the batter must hit the ball right and hard. Herein, we will give out some tips to help the batter to hit the ball rightly.

Two main factors lead you to have right hit: Guessing the pitcher’s intention and the skills to hit the ball when you get it.

How to hit a baseball correctly

      1. Don’t forget to do exercises lower body part

Baseball hitting is focus on upper body part and muscle. The batter will pay more attention on developing strength for upper body. However, the lower part like basement, it will help the upper body get more power in swinging the ball. Many hitter just focus on upper and forget the lower, it’s a mistake.

      2. Stand in the right stance

when you stand in right stance, you will feel free to swing the bat, which make you swing better and harder

Depend on the dominant hand, you can choose to stand either right or left of batter’s box.

Your head  should be in the middle of 2 feets as a triangle. With this position, you will have the most power when you hit the ball and save time when you move the head but still keep an eye on the ball.

Once you swing the bat, your back knee, back hip and head should be in a straight line. It will give you more strong to hit the ball.

Keep your front leg stable at a place. Moving your front foot will cause you to swing a slower bat. To keep stable front leg help you to keep your head still. When you rear the grip, you stand on your back toes and move your weight into the front leg to add more power to your swing.

When you swing the bat, try to keep your arm closed to your body as much as possible to avoid less power to the ball.

      3. Grip the baseball bat correctly

This will determine the speed and power of your hit. To grip a baseball bat, you use your three fingers instead of your palm. When you are righ-handed, hold the bat with your left fingers at the bottom, then place your right hand fingers above. Then extend your arms in front of you as if you tood a swing, remember the palm of your left hand face downward meanwhile the palm of right hand is facing up. Do the reverse to the left-handed batter.

Holding the bat vertically can create a more powerful swing.

Keep your grip relaxed, your grip will automatically tighten through the swing motion.

      4. The timing of your swing

The hitter will decide when to swing the baseball bat. When you start to swing, do not move the bat backward because it wll throw your timing off. You swing smoothly forward from the position you started at. When you know the direction of the ball, turn your wrists and your hips to generate more power behind your swing so that you can hit the ball harder.

      5. Catch Pitcher’s mind – How to hit a baseball

Somebody ever said that in baseball game, the batter and pitchers are playing cat and mouse with each other. The pitcher try to confound the batter, he will choose to throw a curve ball or fastball or something else entirely. The batter need to read the pitcher’s thought then decide what to do next. Therefore, it’s very important to know the pitcher’s mind well to get more chances to hit the ball.

      6. Hit the ball at the right spot

When you guess the incoming ball direction, if you hit straight on the ball, it will not give you the good hit. The expert say that you should hit two-third lower ball, it makes the ball go far distance and highly. You have to practice more and more to get used to.

     7. You should choose the right bat

You can practice all above tips, but you still won’t get the good hit just because of using the wrong bat. Experiment with various bats and find out your perfect bat which suits your weight, length and your hitting style. The suitable bat is critical in helping you score the right hits.

To get a good hit, all fators have to work together well. You should practice more and more so that it become your skills, and every steps come naturally, your head in a game just concentrate on the ball, instead of considering about which tips you should choose next.

      8. Watch the ball

After you hit the ball you can watch your job well done.


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How to hit a baseball farther
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