How to hold a Baseball Bat – Grip a baseball bat

Hitting the ball well is every baseball player’s goal. It is why you might also have been considering things like using a lighter bat or a different styled one when not hitting the baseball; however, you might be failing to recognize the importance of holding the bat correctly with proper hand positioning. It also affects how poor or how well you hit.   To learn how to hold a baseball bat properly, let’s discuss the ways in the following section.

Grip – baseball bat grip

  1. Position the handle properly.

Grip a Baseball Bat Step Position the handle properly

Grip a Baseball Bat Step Position the handle properly Source Wikihow

In front of your lead foot, you should put the baseball bat’s head on the ground. Use your non-dominant or bottom hand to hold it. Take note, the lead foot and bottom hand will be your left if you’re a right-handed baseball hitter, and vice versa. This step is important so that you can make a slight angle and an additional whip to your wrist.

  1. Do the right positioning for your fingers.

How to hold a baseball bat - Right positioning for your fingers

How to hold a baseball bat – Right positioning for your fingers – Source: Wikihow

Start by bending your bottom hand’s index finger to grip around the bat.  You should also be able to separate the three fingers at the bottom, which are wrapped around the bat’s handle.

  • Start pointing the knuckle up the bat’s barrel.
  • Do not get the bat to your palm while you’re holding it.
  1. Using your top hand.

Two hand for grip baseball bat

Two hand for grip baseball bat

You can hold the bat, and similar to the bottom hand, grip the handle using the handle in your fingers. Keep the index finger separated from the bottom three. However, do remember that all the four fingers must grip the bat’s handle with the thumb finger.    Check the alignment of your fingers’ second knuckles.

  1. Maintain the lightness of your bat.

Because it will automatically tighten as you do the swinging motion. So as you start with the swing, you should keep a light grip.

  • Do not grip the bat tightly as you start because it will just lead to tiredness in your muscles and fingers, resulting to a weaker and slower swing. You need to grip using your fingers and the pad of your hands.
  1. Move your wrists well.

It will help in delivering the head of the bat to the ball, as your mission is to generate speed using a whipping action, and that is possible with a proper grip.

Looking for your swing

      1. Loosen up the tension.

Relax! It is the key to explode as you hit because it uncoils your muscles.

      2. Your shoulders shouldn’t be leveled

Instead, they should be slightly tilted for some explosive movements.

      3. Look for your strongest grip

Which is when your top hand’s palm is facing up while the bottom hand’s palm is facing down. Your knuckles’ range should let you make contact with the baseball with one palm up while the other is down.

To locate it, you must grip your bat while aligning your middle knuckles.  Then, you can do a half swing as you’re making a ball contact. You should then keep the position, and take note on how you are gripping the bat.

  1. Get in your batting stance.

Position into the batting stance with your knees slightly bent and your weight on your feet’s balls to keep the balance. You must then stand a bit wider than a shoulder width apart to engage your lower body and prepare it for the hit. In order to create a max hit power, you should take a short stride while your body is rotating with the remaining portion of your upper body.

  1. Do not engage in excess movements.

You should see to it that your hands stay at the strike zone top with your feet a bit over shoulder width apart. It is because you want the swing to be as smooth and fluid. Do not do excessive movements, but stay focused and relaxed on your pitch.

  1. See to it that you have palm up and down upon the contact.

How to hold a baseball Bat - When swing a baseball bat

How to hold a baseball Bat – When swing a baseball bat

Feel this effect by playing around your grip.

  • Find your natural swing by adjusting your grip depending on your hand size.
  1. Be comfortable and confident.

You can troubleshoot any problems by adjusting when needed.

Also, if you’re topping the ball, you may have been rolling your handle knuckles too soon. You can close your grip by bringing your bottom hand’s middle knuckles near the top hand’s big knuckles. Nevertheless, you must focus on finding your comfortable grip.

Finding the bat angle

  1. Your bat’s angle determines your effectiveness as a hitter.

You should be able to angle the bat properly to create a loop in the swing. It will generate power from the position to have an additional length in your back swing because you will be improving the space to move the bat faster.

      2. Parallel to the ground, you should get your bat positioned to prepare it for an explosion.

Doing so will shorten your swing’s back part while also creating a straight path moving to the pitch. As the baseball bat is traveling a short distance, you won’t generate much power.

      3. Make use of an angle between lying flat and straight up.

You should look for a comfortable angle based on the type of hitter you are.  It will also depend on how you’re trying to control the bat.

There you have your guide on how to hold a baseball bat so that you can achieve better results in hitting well.  In time, you will be able to develop the essential skill and become the hitter you aspire to be. Follow the steps closely, improve your hitting chances, and become a better baseball player.

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How to Hold a Baseball Bat
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