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Baseball is the most popular sport in America and some countries in Europe, then beloved by some Asia Countries such as Japan, Taiwan. It seems a little difficult to the new born to understand the baseball rules (How to play fantasy baseball) well. Therefore, today we will help you to know more about this kind of sport.

Part 1: Setting up a team

How to play Baseball team in USA

How to play fantasy Baseball team in USA

     1. Number of player:

Baseball team - Baseball rules

Baseball team – Baseball rules

Each team made up of  9 players. It is possible to play with fewer players, but you need to expand each player’s coverage on the field. This can make it difficul for players to reach the ball after it’s hit, so try to get as many players as possible.

     2. Arrange the team:

         Pitcher: The pitcher is the player who throws the baseball from the pitcher’s mound (middle mound) toward the catcher to begin each play.

The pichter for how to play basebal

The pichter for how to play fantasy baseball

          Catcher: is one of the most important players on defense as they are involved in every play. A catcher is just behind the batter at home plate, try to catch the ball if the batter can’t hit it.


Please note that the catcher must wear protective gear like a face mask to avoid injury from being hit by the ball which is  hard and fasst thrown by the pitcher.

          Infielders: The players in the infield or the diamond have the responsibility to protect the bases. There should be a player  located at first, second, and third base, and referred as Basemen. Have a fourth player at the shortstop, the roving position, so that he can back up the base men and help to catch ball in the infield.

Infilder for Baseball team

Infielder for Baseball team

          The outfielders: There are three players in the outfield. They are the right fielder, center fielder and left fielder. Their main responsibility is catching fly balls in the outfield, or chasing down ground balls and pass it into the infield.

The outfielders for Baseball team

The outfielders for Baseball team

Part 2: Setting up the field/ Structure the field

     1. The bases on the field:

The bases on the field - How to play baseball

The bases on the field – How to play baseball

  • There are four bases: home plate, first base, second base and third base. They are canvas or rubber-bags set up in a square, though it’s more commonly referred to as a diamond.
  • Bases are numbered counter lock wise from home plate. Second base is opposite to home plate through the pitcher’s mound.
  • Each base is around 90 feet (27.5 meters) away from the previous one.
  • The lines which connect the bases are made of dirt are made of dirt with the purpose that the runners can slide into the bases, meanwhile the rest of the field is made of grass.

     2. The pitcher’s mound:

the pitcher’s mound

the pitcher’s mound

The pitcher stands in the center of the diamond which is a mound of dirt, about 60 feet (18 meters) from the plate. There a small rubber plate placed on the mound, The pitcher will throw the ball from here.

     3. The foul lines:

Paint the foul lines

Paint the foul lines

When the ball is hit and lands to the left side of third base or the right side of first base, it is considered a foul ball which invalidates the play. The foul line is created from the home plate out to the first and third bases, then beyond into the outfield.

     4. The batter’s boxes:

Depending the dominant hand, the batter will stands either on the left or the right of home plate. Therefore, paint 2 4-foot by 6-foot (1.2 meters by 1.8 meters) boxes on both sides of home plates.

      5. Catcher’s box:

Play Baseball Catcher's box

Play Baseball Catcher’s box

Paint the small box just behind the home plate, at this place the catcher and umpire (an impartial judge) will squat or stand and watch the ball after the pitcher throws it.

Part 3. Playing offense – How to play fantasy baseball properly

      1. Assign a batter to the plate:

How to play baseball

How to play baseball

A batter will stand on home plate, he can choose one of the batter’s boxes with comfortable dominant hand. The batter will wait for the pitcher to throw the ball. Before the pitcher is ready to begin, the batter can practice swings.

    2. Focus on the ball when it’s pitched:

How to play baseball - Focus on the ball

How to play fantasy baseball – Focus on the ball

The batter try to watch the pitched ball and predict the flying orientation of the ball. They will guess whether the ball will be hit table, then they can decide to swing and try to hit the ball or do nothing, and allow the catcher to catch it. If a legal hit is not made, the umpire will talk out loud: a strike, a ball or a foul ball.

  • A “Strike” is the situation that the batter can’t hit the ball or swing at the ball and missed, they let the catcher got the ball. If there are three continuous strike, the batter is out.
  • A “ball”: happens when the pitcher pitches the ball that’s too far outside the strike zone, and the batter did not swing at the pitch. If there are four balls, the batter can get free pass to the first base.
  • A “foul ball”:  a ball which batter hits lands outside the foul lines or goes into foul territory before reaching first or third base. In this situation the ball is referred as “dead”, and all the runners must return to their time-of – pitch base without any liability of being put out.

    3. Swing a baseball bat:

Swing a baseball bat

Swing a baseball bat

The batter stands with his feet parallel and knees slightly bent, you hold the bat upright with two hands. Swiftly bring it forward in a fluid motion, meanwhile, shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot. Remember to keep your eye on the ball to increase your chances of making contact.

How to swing a baseball bat you can click: Swing a baseball bat

    4. Run the bases:

After the batter can hit the ball - Run the bases

After the batter can hit the ball – Run the bases

After the batter can hit the ball, while the ball is moving across the field, the batter now become e the “runner” will drop the bat and run as fast as possible towards first base. As long as the runner doesn’t get an “out”, he can stop at first base or keep running until It’s not safe any more.

  • A runner can be tagged out if the ball is live and the runner is not on the base.
  • “fly out” happens if the hit ball is caught by a defensive player before it land on the ground or wall. When there is a fly out, the batter will be out.
  • “force out”: when the hit ball land on the ground, then a defensive player can get it and touches first base before the runner.

     5. Steal the bases:

Steal the bases

Steal the bases

Normally, the runner can’t complete an entire circuit of the bases on a single play, so they must stop at a base and wait for the next batter to continue to run to the plate. However, at any time, the runner may try to “steal” the next base by running toward it right after the pitcher has pitched.

Because the pitcher is usually the best one in the team, stealing a base is very dangerous, the pitcher can change his mind to throw the ball to a baseman instead of the batter, leading an easy tag out.

     6. Load bases:


Play-Baseball-Load-bases Source:

Only one runner is allowed on each base at any time. When all bases have a runner, the offensive team is considered as having the “bases loaded”.

     7. Home run:

Home Run Baseball

Home Run Baseball

Occurs when the batter hits the ball so strong that the ball fly highly and past the fence at the back of the outfield. This is called “home run”. The batter is able to circle the bases and reach home plate safely in one play without any errors being committed by the defensive team in the process. At that time all the fielding team can do is watching.

     8. Continue with regular plays: 

Home run is good and fun, but it’s hard to get a “home run” and to win the game doesn’t rely on home run. Therefore, focus on trying to run as far as you can after getting a normal hit. Try to recognize when to stop and wait, you can stay in the play longer and get the chances to score a run.

    9. Avoid getting three “outs”:

Once getting three “outs”, the game shifts, the defense and offense will switch places.

  • The game has nine innings, each inning include two parts: a “top” and a “bottom”. When the game shift, the “top” of the current inning will change to “bottom” of the next one.
  • A run count for the offense team whenever a runner safely success to home plate.
  • A Run will not be counted if:

1. A runner at home plate was not at the time-of-pitch base during or after a flyout.

2. A runner reach home plate after the defense team recorded a third out.

3. A runner touched home plate during the same continuous playing action as a forceout for the third out, even if home plate was touched before this out was recorded.

Part 4. Playing defense

     1. Pitch the ball:

Pitch the ball - How to play baseball

Pitch the ball – How to play fantasy baseball

Assign the pitcher to the center mound. The pitcher attempt to get 3 strikes. The pitcher can choose fastballs, curveballs, changeups, and sliders to confound batters.

  • Fastball is very fast as its name.
  • Curveball is type of pitch thrown with a characteristic grip and hand movement that imparts forward spin to the ball, causing it to dive as it approaches the plate.
  • A changeup is used when the pitcher pretend to use fastball but actually throwing a very slower pitch, confusing the batter’s sense of timing.

     2. Catch the ball:

Catch the ball - How to play basebal

Catch the ball – How to play fantasy basebal

Once the ball is hit by the batter, it will either fly through the air or land along the ground. The defense team will try to catch the ball before it hits the ground. If they can get the ball before it hit the ground in the outfield, the defense will get an “out”, and the batter can’t proceed to run to the bases.

If the defense team let the ball hit the ground, they must get it quickly and pass it to any teammate close enough to tag or force a runner out.

    3. Try to tag runners out:

Tag runner out

Tag runner out – How to play fantasy baseball

Once the defense player have the ball in hand, they can tag a runner when they are running to the bases, and the runner will then be out.

Or a baseman can catch the ball from the teammate and  put one foot on the base in order to get an out for a forced runner who was trying to touch that base.

    4. Try to get multiple runners out at once:

Get multiple runners out at once

Get multiple runners out at once

The fielders are able to pull off a double play or even a triple play, in which they get two or three outs on a single play.

  • A triple play is the rare act of making three “outs” during the same continuous play.
  • Meanwhile, the double plays are more common, they often try to force out a runner at second base and then force out the batter befor they reach first.

    5. Keep playing to finish 9 innings:

Baseball doesn’t have timer, the game is played until 9 innings are completed. At the end of last inning, whichever team score more runs will win.

  • To finish 9 innings take long time, the teams are allowed to have alternates, normally extra pitchers (relief pitchers) to keep play fresh from beginning to the end.
  • Extra innings is the extension of a baseball in order to break a tie. If the teams are tied at the end of last inning, an extra inining is played. They will continue playing until one team manages to score. If the visiting team scored, then the home team gets to have one more chang to score. If the home team can’t score, the visiting team wins.

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