Fun Tee Ball Practice Drills Every Player and Coach Should Know!

Tee ball practice drills

Tee ball practice drills

Developing basic skills of Baseball is extremely important for the newbie players especially the 4-5 years old, this is the reason that they need Tee Ball Practice Drills. With the TEE Ball games and practice, they can develop skills regarding the fundamentals of the game and much more. These are the foundations that help in shaping the player for the actual games. However most of the players that are included in the TEE Ball games are young kids of age group 4-5 years. At this age group, it is really difficult for the coach to keep the attention of these players and involve them in daily practices. Hence it is extremely important to include interesting TEE Ball drills into regular practice so that the children can learn while having fun.

Some of these TEE Ball skills that the coaches can use on their students are as follows:

      1. Base Running – Tee ball practice drills

baseball tips base running

baseball tips base running

Getting into a habit of running soon after swinging the bat is one thing that requires a lot of practice. Most of the kids panic during a game as they do not understand where should they be running to and how. In this drill gather all the players in a line and each of them should have their bat. Now have the players swing their bats by stepping on the base and then drop their bat to run to first base as fast as they can.

      2. Catch and Pass

Catching is important for a game of Baseball. The catch and pass is a standard drill in which the players learn how to catch the ball and to pass it on. At this age, the children are often scared of the balls. The main aim is to diminish their fear of balls and also to improve their hand to eye coordination.

      3. Batting Practice

Tee ball practice drills practice

Tee ball practice drills practice

Again batting is a skill that also needs practice. With this drill, you will be able to develop the batting skills of your players. All you need to do is make each of the players take 5-10 swings of the bat and instruct them to maintain a proper posture and swing their bat with technique. The players who are waiting for their turn to swing the bat can be assisted by another coach on how they can swing properly. This practice will lay a batting foundation for the young players.

      4. Importance Of Each Base

This is more like a theoretical lesson than the practical one but is equally important for a player. Take the players to each position on the field and demonstrate to them how a particular section of the field is important. So, when they are actually put in one of these positions, they will know exactly what their roles are and how they should act on them.

      5. Dot Drill For TEE Ball Practice drills

One of the skills that are required for baseball is hitting the ball while having full focus on it. This is what you need to achieve from this drill. Draw a red dot on the baseball and stack it on the top of the tee. Now ask the players to take a swing at the ball by keeping their eyes on the red dot that you have made. Depending on the number of players, each player should get at least 8-10 swings per ball.

      6. Cone Contest

Cone contest is a fun TEE drills for the days when your players seem to be bored with other practices. In this you will need to have some colour cones. Place these cones in four locations on the field. Now each player on each team will have to hit and you will have to note down their scores.

      7. Head Hunter

To teach throwing accuracy to the players, headhunter drill can be used. Make the player throws the ball on a target which could be a helmet on top of a batting tee. Tell your students to hit the helmet off the tee. This will not only increase the interest in the players but will also make it look like a competition in which each of them would want to do better than the others.

      8. Pickle for Tee Ball Practice Drills

Players at this age need some entertainment along with practice. Hence Pickle is the best practice drill. In this game, all you need to do is make the player pretends as if he is caught in between two bases. These could be any bases. Now the coach has to stand behind each player and the players get to play.

      9. Alligator Drill

Ground ball skills are the next thing that you need to teach your students. For this drill, make the players wear their gloves and then ask them to open up their arms like an alligator. Roll a ground ball to them. Ask them to clamp the ball with the glove free hand like an alligator would do to a ball. This skill will help them understand how they can use both of their hands to hold the ground ball.

No matter what TEE Ball skills drill you use on your young players, it is always good to make sure that the equipment used as safe for them. For example, the balls used should be soft rubber ones and the kids should have all the safety gear before they start dealing with a ball or a bat that could potentially hurt them. Helmet is also a necessity. These are some really interesting drills that will keep the players busy and develop their skills at the same time. As a coach you can also develop some new drills to train your students.

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Tee ball practice drills for the newbie players
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