Top 8 Best Baseball Gloves


      Baseball is a game that is played and loved by people all around the world. Many children, as well as adults, play baseball both professionally as well as for fin. Baseball is an interesting sport that develops the key skills of a person. However, to be the best at baseball, a player not only needs a lot of practice, but they also need the right kind of gear. Baseball bat, baseball gloves and the helmet are some important gears that the players need. Of these, best baseball gloves are extremely important.

      There are different baseball gloves designed for different players standing at different positions in the fields. The infielder gloves and the baseman’s glove are entirely different because each of these positions needs different specialties. The main purpose of the best Baseball Gloves is to provide comfort and support to the player so that he or she can play their part in the game. More often than not, people do not know what kind of glove they should wear and what will fit them the best. Here we have done some research and brought to you the top 8 best baseball gloves that you can buy for yourself. We will also recommend the best baseball gloves for different positions in the article below.

II. Top Picks for Best baseball gloves reviews

1. Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove


  • Awarded as all-around best baseball gloves.
  • The quality is perfect for the price of the gloves.
  • They come in both left and right-handed version.
  • The sizes and H-web design can be selected depending on the preference.
  • No break-in period required and the construction is full leather, so the glove lasts for a long time.
  • The Pedroia Fit is perfect for the players who have small hands since the gloves fit snugly into the wrist.


  • Some customers felt that the leather of the glove was rubbery and not firm as they needed.
  • There was also some issues reported regarding the size of the hand stalls of the gloves.
  • Some users said that the gloves were too stiff and did not improve even after a lot of effort.

2. Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Baseball/Softball Glove Series A

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Slow Pitch Pattern, Basket-Web, 12-1/2 Inch


  • They come with a zero shock palm padding.
  • The break-in time is not very long, and they have a game ready feel to them.
  • People with smaller hands will benefit from the Velcro strap that is easy to adjust in fit and will help the glove stay in place for long.
  • The webbing is a basket-type which is suitable for a lot of different positions.
  • The glove is lightweight, only weighing 1.3 pounds, which is easy to handle for anyone.


  • Some users have complained that the glove is chunky for them and this is causing them irritation.
  • Some had complained that these Rawlings baseball gloves are uncomfortable on the thumb when wore since there is a minor flaw in the design.

3. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove - Left and Right Handed Baseball and Softball Fielding Glove - Synthetic Leather Field Master Baseball Glove

Franklin Sports Baseball Glove - Left and Right Handed Baseball and Softball Fielding Glove - Synthetic Leather Field Master Baseball Glove


  • The glove has a contoured fit, which means that it fits the hand and has customizable thumb adjustments.
  • It has a modified trapeze design perfect for the players.
  • The material is premium synthetic leather that is thick and very durable.
  • There is a hand-formed pocket which helps the player in scooping the ball from the ground or finding precision in taking a catch.


  • There have been complaints about the breathability of the glove.
  • There were also some complaints regarding the palm padding of it not being enough to provide optimum support to the hand.
  • The last kind of complaints with the glove was the stiffness which prevented the players from being able to easily move their hands.

4. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series


  • One of the best Wilson baseball gloves for the infielders and outfielders.
  • The glove comes 90% broked in and do not require any additional break-in time.
  • There is a low profile heel that is specially designed to make the mitt flexible and forgiving.
  • There are pro lace and t-style webbing.
  • The special dri-lex wrist lining is designed specifically to keep the hands of the users cool and dry during the intense games.
  • The glove is flexible enough to help the player in catching the ball.


  • A few consumers had a problem with the breaking in of the glove. They said that the glove was difficult to break in even though it has been advertised as 90% factory broken in.
  • There was a bad color payoff, and the colors ran when oil was applied to the gloves.

5. Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series


  • Specially designed for the outfield players with a basket web.
  • It comes 90% broken-in from the factory and has a game-ready feel to it.
  • There is high density cushioning on the palm that makes it comfortable for the catchers. There are also index finger pads.
  • Easily fits on the hand and has a durable material with a comfortable design for the positions.


  • The glove is not entirely leather, and the backside is made of synthetic material, which was a problem for some users.
  • Some buyers thought that the glove was stiffer than it advertises and had to be softened up before using.
  • For certain user, the fit was not comfortable as the glove was smaller for their size.

6. Rawlings Renegade Glove Series


  • They are designed as the baseman’s mitts and are best fit for the recreational matches.
  • The material is all leather, which is perfect for retaining the shape of the hand and for the formation of pocket.
  • It is 80% broken in from the factory, and the rest 20% can be done in the following week or two.
  • There is a double bar, single post web design which is perfect for the first baseman.
  • There are cushioned cork centers that provide optimum support and comfort. It also improves the grip on the ball.


  • A few people believed that the leather on the glove was not of the best quality, and hence, this might not be as durable.
  • The glove was considered too stiff for the kids by another user, and there was a difficulty to break in the glove.
  • Some users complained about the quality of the glove as it tore at various places in a couple of months.

7. Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove (11.5-Inch)


  • This is one of the best baseball gloves as it is made of top-grade steerhide and lasts for a long time.
  • Steerhide lacing has also been added to make the glove even more durable for the players. The glove can also maintain its shape for years.
  • The modified trapeze web is perfect for the pitcher.
  • The design gives a premium look on the field.


  • Some users found that the glove was heavy on the hand.
  • Some users were not satisfied with the size of the glove and said that the gloves were tighter than they had expected them to be.

8. Rawlings Heart of The Hide Glove Series


  • One of the best Rawlings baseball gloves comes with deep and wide pockets suitable for all outfielders.
  • The glove comes 60% broken in from the factory, and the rest 40% is what the players have to do, which makes it almost game ready.
  • There is a deer tanned cowhide inside the glove. This makes the glove extremely comfortable even from the inside.
  • Its design is such that it takes the shape of the hand of the player perfectly and fits snuggly.


  • Some consumers thought that the padding on the glove was not enough and that it was thin on the palm area.
  • One of the customers complained that the string and the webbing broke off only after a month of use, making it not as durable as advertised.

III. Buying guide – Things to keep in mind while buying youth baseball gloves

      Since you have now understood what are the best baseball gloves available in the market for the players, you must also understand what are the things that you should keep in mind while buying the best baseball gloves for the next game. We have listed down certain pointers that will help you in identifying the best glove for yourself.

1.The Size Of The Hand

      The first thing you need to consider is the size of your hand and the size of the glove in your hand. Now the glove needs to be appropriate for your hand size and should not feel too big or too heavy. The bigger sized gloves can cause you to miss out on the important catches that you should be taking and the smaller ones can hurt your hand, and won't give breathability. There is a size guide provided at the end of this article which you can use to measure the glove size before buying it.

2. The Fit Of The Glove

      Next, to the size of the glove, there is fit. The best baseball gloves have a snug fit on the hand but give enough breathability for the fingers to move. The glove should be easy to maneuver, and it should not feel too heavy on the hand. In case of children wearing the baseball glove, the glove should have a Velcro strap at the wrist so that it does not move too much from the wrist. So, the requirement is snug fit but breathability.

3. The Webbing

      The webbing is another thing that needs to be considered. There are mainly two kinds of webbings, open and closed. The webbing assists the player while catching the ball. The closed webs are tightly woven with each other, and there is no visibility in them. These are the gloves that are generally used by the pitcher. The open webs are criss-cross and have gaps in between them. This is for the fielders who have to pick the ball from the dirt. The webs allow the dirt to fall off from the glove and only the ball is left in hand.

4. The Material

      The next thing to consider while picking the best baseball gloves is the material. There is a huge variety of material used in making these gloves. These are usually made of leather, but the grade of leather is what differ. The quality of the leather will affect the durability, break-in time, flexibility, and weight of the glove. There are mainly three kinds of leathers; synthetic leather, full-grain leather, and top grain leather. The synthetic leather is the most affordable one and is the best for the players who do not want any break-in time. The top grain leather is the second-best quality and is softer than the full-grain one. This is the best one till date and the gloves made with this will mold themselves in your hand.

5. Position You Are Playing

      Position you are playing in determines your needs with the glove. For example, a catcher will need to have a glove that has some extra padding to give their palm support. The first baseman will need an open webbing to pick the ball off the dirt. Similarly, each player has different needs with baseball gloves. Hence you should always look for a glove that suits your position on the field.

6. The Backing

      The part of the glove that is present at the back of the hand is called the backing. This part is again either closed or open. The player can choose between these two options depending on their personal preference. The open backing will provide more flexibility to the wrist, which is needed by the infielders. The closed-back is for stability and are preferred by outfielders and first basemen.

7. Price

      Lastly, the price of the gloves is another factor. There is a huge variety of best baseball gloves available in the market. These can range from cheap to extremely pricy. You need to make sure to get the best quality glove under your budget. It does not necessarily mean that the gloves that are cheaper are bad in quality. So, decide accordingly.

IV. Baseball Glove Types By Position 

      Depending on what position you hold in the fields, the baseball glove will differ in shape and size. Here is some information on what baseball glove is best for your position.

What Is The Best Type Of Glove For Pitchers?

      For the pitchers, the best baseball glove will be something that comes with a closed webbing. The pitchers need to grip the ball, and this will help them in doing so. The pitchers usually get the two-piece or basket web.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For Infielders?

      The infielders have different options they can pick from when they go for the best infield baseball gloves. Most of the middle-infielders prefer I-web. The gloves for the infielders are lighter, and the webbing should have high visibility. The other options are H-web and Single post ones.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For First Base?

      For the first base, the players usually use mitts. Since they have to scoop the ball from the dirt, they need something that can give them the luxury of picking up the ball faster. Hence the single post web is the best choice for such players.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For Second Base?

      For the second base, the glove will differ from the first baseman. The glove should have good visibility and lightweight design. Hence for the second base, the I-web glove is the perfect pick.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For Shortstop?

      The I-web glove is the best for the shortstop as well. This position requires a player to transfer the ball fast, and hence this type of webbing suits them the best. Also, the gloves need to be light in weight so that they do not delay the transfer.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For Third Base?

      There are two choices when it comes to the gloves for the third baseman. They are the H-web and the I-web. The H-web provides a more sturdy design and hence will be suitable. However, I-web is most popular.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For Outfielders?

      For the outfielders the best outfield baseball glove it depends on the personal preference of the player. If the player needs more visibility, they get an H-style webbing. However, some like the modified trapeze webbing since the catching surfaces on these is the biggest.

What Is The Best Type of Glove For Catchers?

      Catchers need to catch the high-speed balls in their gloves. Hence they need something that provides extra padding on the palm. The mitts are perfect for the catchers.

The Best Baseball Glove For Each Position

      Although there are a lot of options for each position of baseball gloves, it all comes down to the personal preference and the style of playing of the player. So, in addition to the above preferences, the players can also select their gloves with experience in the game. There are also best baseball batting gloves for the batsman to help him keep a good grip on the bat and hit the ball precisely.

These Are The Recommended Sizes

      Below is the list of the sizes that players of each age need to keep in mind which picking the best baseball glove for themselves. Make sure to check your position and the age before buying the respective best baseball gloves.
The recommended sizes


      Here are some questions that the new players usually have:

Are expensive baseball gloves better than the budget ones?

      This is a complete myth that the expensive gloves are the best baseball gloves. The baseball gloves can be good in quality and be great in features and comfort in comparison to the expensive ones. Hence there are a lot of best baseball gloves under $100 that the players can buy if they are under a tight budget.

Does each position require a different baseball glove?

      Yes, each position does require a different kind of baseball glove. However certain positions can use the same webbing on the glove. So, if you are someone on the team who keeps on changing the positions, you can find a glove that gives you the perfect performance for both positions. You can also get the best custom baseball gloves at various stores for this purpose.

What are the parts of a baseball glove?

      Each baseball glove has five major parts. These include the heel which is the bottom of the glove where the glove starts, the Hinge which is the crease where the glove folds, finger stalls which are the spaces for the fingers, Pockets is the place on the palm and Webbing is the zone where the catch is held.

What are the different kinds of baseball glove webbings?

      There are a lot of different kinds of webbings that are suitable for each position on the baseball field. For you to have the best baseball gloves, you need to find the perfect webbing for yourself. The webbings are basket web, trapeze web, modified trapeze web, I-web, H-web, single post web, dual post web, double post web, and two-piece web. Each webbing has a different function in the glove. However, the most preferred ones by the infielders are the I-web because of their visibility and lightweight nature. The main thing to note is that the web should fulfill the purpose and should be light in weight.

VI. Conclusion 

      The perfect baseball glove can improve the game of the player to a great extent. After reading the guide above and checking out all of the best baseball gloves available in the market, you now have a fair knowledge of what will suit you the best. So, but the perfect pair now and be the best player.
Top 8 Best Baseball Gloves
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