The grip tape is one of the most popular accessories for baseball and softball players. Aside from its aesthetic appeal and mechanical properties, it enhanced the way you play the game.

Our Top 3 Picks

- 16%
#Top 1
ALIEN PROS Bat Grip Tape for Baseball (2 Grips) – 1.1 mm Precut and Pro Feel Bat Tape – Replacement for Old Baseball bat Grip – Wrap Your Bat for an Epic Home Run (2 Grips, Black)
ALIEN PROS Bat Grip Tape for Baseball (2 Grips) – 1.1 mm Precut and Pro Feel...
$9.99 $11.99 
#Top 2
Franklin Sports - Cloth Tape - Baseball + Softball - Black Tape - 10 Yards
Franklin Sports - Cloth Tape - Baseball + Softball - Black Tape - 10 Yards
- 15%
#Top 3
Vulcan Bat Grip, Vulcan 1.75mm Bat Grip, Black
Vulcan Bat Grip, Vulcan 1.75mm Bat Grip, Black
$10.99 $12.99 

Baseball bats frequently come equipped with a standard grip tape. Some players prefer thin rather than thick grip tapes, as both the thinner and thicker grip tapes have a different aspects to them. For instance, a thin grip tape helps the player to strike the ball at a greater speed. Whilst, thick grip tape helps to absorb shocks or perhaps stings that result from hitting the ball.

Bat grips are not just a speedy way of decking out your bat in cool new colors and examples, but at the same time, they’re a sturdy way of expanding solace, the declining sting in the hands and further developing hold on any bat, in any sort of climate. 

Now Bat tape gives superb tack, and on stormy or cold days, the grasps hold up and function admirably without being any less shabby or diminishing sting any less. Dissimilar to conventional games tape, the polymer which is water-safe holds up.

Best 6 Baseball Grip Tape

1. Vulcan Baseball Grip Tape

Vulcan bat grips provide the greatest comfort and bat control in any weather. Designed to be fitted to wood, alloy, and composite bats, and available in three distinct thicknesses to suit any hitter’s preference. Each grip features advanced technology components to create the best gripping system for athletes of all levels, and they are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Available in more than forty unique colors and patterns, Vulcan Bat Grip Tape offers a thickness of 1.75mm for open padding. This product provides excellent gripping power via a textured “maze” imprinted pattern. Made with cutting-edge polymer, this grip works in wet or dry climate conditions and is not difficult to apply to wood or metal bats.

Features & Specifications

  • Constructed of Advanced Polymer
  • Standard (1. 75 mm) superior gripping power; consistent with Stock grips on most alloy and composite bats
  • Advanced polymer grips that deliver maximum feel in dry or wet conditions
  • Features state-of-the-art “maze” imprint for the ultimate gripping solution
  • Easy to apply to any bat handle
  • Red, White & blue
  • Each grip comes complete with a peel-back underside adhesive strip plus finishing tape. 
  • Fits all baseball bats such as wood, alloy, and composite bats.


  • Distinctive patterns
  • Costs a little less than some other popular brands
  • Online instruction video helps make installation easier


  • Some users note that the ends tend to begin peeling back after a while
  • Some light colors start to look dirty fairly quickly


If you’re looking for a comfortable grip that gives your baseball bat a great appearance, you’ll presumably like Vulcan Bat Grip. While certain individuals have had issues with the item stripping, the maker presently incorporates extra tape to apply to the completed end, alongside an exceptionally valuable internet-based guidance video that limits the danger of errors that abbreviate the existence of your hold tape. Most clients are excited about the look, feel, and durability of this tape.

Vulcan Baseball Grip Tape

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2. Oh My Grips Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap Tape OMG

Oh My Grips Cushioned Wrap Tape OMG Oh My Grips(OMG) Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap comes in ten distinct colors. Created to decrease reduce the possibilities of slipping, it is created from padded polymer for unmatched security against vibration. Each hold is one inch wide by 43.5 inches long, so players can wrap their handles liberally. This tape is not difficult to apply. basically strip the sponsorship as you wrap. At the point when you’re done, utilize the completing tape to secure the end.

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Features & Specifications

  • Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap When you need perfect fit
  • Cushioned hand grip wraps to boost your grip precision think of OMG premium cushioned hand grip wraps. 
  • Using most quality materials and innovative design
  • Oh My Grips OMG Logo is stamped on to every grip for superior comfort, grip and style.
  • Uses finest quality cushioned polymer to provide excellent vibration and sting protection for players at the plate, or in the court.
  • Every hand bat grip tape is 1/43.5” long
  • Great for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Ping Pong and so on. Also use as handle wraps or bar wraps.


  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable, cushioned feel
  • Colors stay bright and attractive
  • Works well on wood and metal bats


  • Less tacky than some other brands


Despite the fact that this organization offers less shadings than some others, this brand gets incredible imprints for solace and great looks. Players who are searching for a lot of padding and security from rankles that can occur during long practice meetings, hot metal bat handles, and other normal issues partake in the manner in which OMG holds tape feels. Many contrast its appearance with that of more costly Lizard Skins.

Oh My Grips Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap Tape OMG

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3. Lizard Skins Bat Grip 

Lizard Skins Bat Grip Lizard Skins 000.5mm Camo Bat Grip is planned to provide virtually no thickness to the bat’s handle. Offering more direct analysis from the bat than thicker things do, this hold tape is 39″ long, with pre-cut terminations for convenience. Look over an assortment of solid colors and striking examples.

Features & Specifications

  • Ideal on wood bats
  • Top grip chose by pros
  • More direct feedback from the bat
  • No added thickness to the handle
  • Full adhesive back 
  • Finishing tape is included
  • 990 mm (39”) in length with pre-cut ends
  • Balanced cushion with thickness 
  • Style of the bat handle with three different thicknesses 
  • Highest versatility
  • Designed to fit wood, composite or aluminum bats


  • Easy to apply
  • Allows for a firm, no-slip grip
  • It allows players to reduce stress on the hands by relaxing their grip
  • More than 35 colors and patterns to choose from


  • Costs a little more than some other options


While a few clients felt that this bat hold was misrepresented, most were invigorated with the tape’s ability to update a bat’s handle without adding mass. On the off chance that you are looking for an overshadowing or guide to give your bat an uncommon appearance while working on your show, and you needn’t waste time with any cushioning, then, you may have to check Lizard Skins 0.5mm camo bat grasp out.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip

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4. Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

Lizard Skins 1.1mm bat grips highlight an internal felt pad, an external finished plan, and a lightweight vibe for extraordinary solace. Pre-sliced to make establishment simpler, they are not difficult to clean with isopropyl liquor or water. These DSP Durasoft polymer bat wraps oppose slipping in any event, when wet. Wrapping directions are incorporated for your benefit.

Features & Specifications

  • Great all-around grip
  • Balanced cushion with thickness
  • Great for transitioning from composite to wood
  • Full adhesive back
  • 990 mm (39”) in length with pre-cut ends
  • DSP Durasoft polymer bat wrap.
  • Incredibly comfortable textured grip. 
  • Slip-resistant, wet or dry. 
  • Optimized feel and control. 
  • Reduced vibration. 
  • Pre-cut for easy installation. 
  • Can be cleaned with water or isopropyl alcohol and soft towel.
  • Wrapping instructions included.


  • Professional look
  • Feels tacky without feeling sticky
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Does a great job of preventing blisters
  • Angled cuts on ends, no need to re-cut to get a nice


  • Some reports of accelerated wear
  • A few reports of faulty adhesive on the back of the tape.


Players who are searching for a decent degree of padding without losing the sensation of the bat will probably see the value in Lizard Skins’ 1.1mm bat grasp. While a couple of commentators have experienced issues with lifespan, the majority are happy with the product’s durability, comfort, and appearance.

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Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

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5. ALIEN PROS Bat Grip Tape for Baseball

ALIEN PROS Bat Grip Tape is designed to give batters a better grip on the ball. It features a tough and flexible adhesive that helps keep your bat in place while playing. Alien Pros Z-Tac baseball grasps show up in a beneficial three-pack. Each estimating tape is 27/47.2″ long, by 0.02 inches thick, and will fit both baseball and softball bats. The overgrip is modest to the touch and absorbs shock, helping without hardly lifting a finger vibration. There are various excellent guides to peruse.

Features & Specifications

  • Easy to install and already precut 
  • The size is 1/ 47.2” long
  • Galactic batting tape specifications contain 3 baseball tapes with the pattern pictured
  • Feel like a brand new with alien pros baseball bat grip tape. Just peel, wrap, seal, play
  • Strong and confident gripping power created by baseball players for baseball players
  • The 0.5 mm tacky baseball bat tape feels just right in dry or wet conditions with absolutely no slip
  • Love it or your money back at alien pros we strive to be the best bat tape grip in the galaxy
  • Each bat wrap is made of highly absorbent and ultra-light material that gives just the right amount of tackiness while shock absorbing


  • Longer than some other grips
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply, even over another tape


  • A bit too thin for alloy/composite youth bats or BBCOR bats


If you’ve been looking for a method of keeping your bat from slipping or flying out of your hands any way you’re not into the thicker, cushier feel some various handles offer, you may have to consider Alien Pros bat hold. With three handles for each pack, the expense is practically identical to various brands, you’ll have some extra accessibility for the accompanying time you’d like to rewrap your bat. Players who incline toward broadcasting guides to breathtaking vibes will like the way wherein these hold tape plans overhaul the energy of a most adored bat, too.

ALIEN PROS Bat Grip Tape for Baseball

6. EASTON DELUXE Bat Grip Tape

Estonian bat handler and coach, Lennart Lilljequist, has relied on Easton Deluxe Bat Grip Tape to ensure his players perform at the highest level. The product helps keep hands in position while batting and is secure enough to not cause slips or tricks. Easton’s new Bat Tape is an adjustable option in contrast to customary holds. The tape further develops grasp while eliminating weight contrasted with a customary padded hold. Apply numerous tones and make your own customized examples to flaunt your style at the plate. Easton Bat Tape can likewise be utilized to tape your wrists and is great for baseball and softball use. Ideal for baseball/softball bats for further developed bat grasp Create handcrafts and customize your bat Take the weight off your bat by utilizing tape rather than holds Also can be utilized on wrists.

Features & Specifications

  • It has 1.1ml Thickness 
  • The size is 3/4″ wide x 10 yards long
  • Multi-purpose, cotton tape with adhesive
  • Designed to upgrade bat grip
  • Ideal for Baseball/softball bats for improved bat grip
  • Can also be used on wrists
  • Take the weight off your bat by using tape instead of grips
  • Create Custom designs and Personalize your bat
  • Available in Red, orange, Yellow, Green, Royal, black, pink, purple, digi camo, white
  • Can also be used on hockey sticks for improved puck handling


  • Durable
  • Secure grip
  • Inexpensive
  • It’s not overly sticky
  • Enhance Player Bat Grip
  • Reduce Bat Weight 


  • A few users complains that it is a little thicker


Easton’s new Bat Tape is an adjustable option in contrast to conventional holds. The tape further develops hold while eliminating weight contrasted with a conventional padded grasp. Apply various shadings and make your own customized examples to flaunt your style at the plate. Easton Bat Tape can likewise be utilized to tape your wrists and is great for baseball and softball use.


Guidelines for Buying Best Baseball Grip Tape

Back in the day, players wrapped their bats with a couple of layers of athletic tape. This took something of the “bite” out of batting, yet it didn’t quite approach the advantages of bat grasp tape. Today there are so many selections, and the procedure for picking exactly the right bat grasp tape can be complex. The following are a couple of more interesting points.

  • Instructions: Be sure to check the instructions before you start applying your new grip tape! Most brands don’t do well when placed over the old tape. You’ll enjoy better results if you remove any old grips or tape, and then carefully apply the new product.
  • Color: If you’re not exactly prepared to pay a premium for custom bat hold tape with your name and player number on it, we get it. The help is astounding however it’s expensive. Consider tweaking by utilizing hold tape in at least two colors. You’ll get a remarkable search for undeniably less.
  • Tackiness: If you don’t need padding and you prefer a thin handle grip, go for 0.5mm bat grip tape. It’s the thinnest available, yet it helps improve your grip.
  • Price: The best hold tape on earth is really reasonable. Obviously, there’s much to be said for adhering to your spending plan. Our recommendation is to make an expense/esteem correlation and let that guide your choice, especially in the event that you’d prefer to set aside however much cash as could reasonably be expected.
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With just a touch of perusing, it’s not hard to pick the best bat hold tape and treat yourself to a refreshed look similarly as a trace of grippy, secure comfort that might help you with chipping away at your swing. We trust all that ends up incredible for you. Good luck with your batting.


At the end of the day, however, choosing a homerun stick tape depends on whether you prefer certain variables, like their thickness, colors, and the amount of your purchase.

A few hitters favor standard athletic or hockey tape for its energy. With these wraps, you fundamentally add layers until you get to your supported comfort level. These really won’t move toward the sting decline string decline given by polymer holds, yet that is overall why players like it. Bat wraps don’t fluctuate a great deal to the extent that the benefits they offer. Be that as it may, top-level wraps, for example, Lizard Skins and Vulcan have rapidly acquired a tremendous following due to every one of the shadings, examples, and plans they offer.

I hope this blog has assisted with illuminating you every one of the necessities that you need to think about bat grip tapes. These are the top manufacturers of grip tapes in the market and serve you an excellent experience in your Baseball match.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What grip tape do MLB players use?

Lizard Skin bat tape is recognized as authoritative bat tape no matter if you’re referring to its design or its efficiency. Lizard Skin tape is made up of Durasoft Polymer (DSP) and the bat mitts come in 37 different colors, both solid and camouflage, a specific selection of select MLB players.

2. What is the thickest bat grip?

The 1.8 millimeter this is a heavy thickness that is recommended for most beginning youth players to help them in handling the impact of contact between the ball and bat.

3. What is the best baseball grip?

The most basic position is the point at which your base hand palm is looking down and your lead hand palm is looking up. If you open your hands, the two opposing palms ought to be parallel to the ground. As your hand develops more tightly, your thumb in front of the back hand will not object to being smacked.

4. Can you double-grip a baseball bat?

Yes, this is a security issue. Tightening up the grip to limit the grip decreases the likelihood of the grip. I have pulled bats during a pre-game investigation for this infraction, however, have never obtained rid of it because the player would eliminate the overalls tape. It is usually not much of an issue.

5. How tight should you grip a baseball bat?

Be sure to firmly hold the bat, but not too tightly in your fingers. This will allow you to properly maintain a good swing and will keep the muscles of your body relaxed. Your grip will tighten considerably as you swing the bat.

6. Does bat grip thickness matter?

A thicker bat grip can improve your comfort when holding your ball or baseball bat. A bat grip with medium size can be a good mix of convenience and comfort. Whichever color you select and thickness you choose is up to you.


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