While often overlooked, a quality baseball cup is an essential piece of protective gear for any player. Groin and testicle injuries due to impact can be severe, and the use of a reliable cup can significantly reduce the risk of such injuries. Don’t let an injury take you out of the game – invest in a quality baseball cup to stay safe and protected on the field.

Because baseball involves throwing and hitting, it is essential to have adequate protection to shield the groin area from impact from a moving ball, a swung bat, or even a direct slide from sports cleats. Therefore, proper protection with a baseball cup is necessary to prevent any serious injuries in this sensitive area.

Selecting the right baseball cup, like any other piece of baseball equipment, is not an easy task. It is important to choose a quality product that will provide maximum protection and durability. In this article, we will review 5 of the best baseball cups available in the market and provide a buyer’s guide section to assist you in choosing the most suitable cup for your baseball requirements.

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Youper Boys Youth Soft Foam Protective Athletic Cup (Ages 7-12), Kid Athletic Cup for Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, MMA (Camo (1-Pack))
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Youper Youth Brief w/Soft Athletic Cup, Boys Underwear w/Baseball Cup Youth & Peewee (White, X-Small)
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Youper Boys Youth Padded Sliding Shorts with Soft Protective Athletic Cup for Baseball, Football, Lacrosse (White, Small)
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Best 5 Cup for Baseball Catchers

1. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts

The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts is a top-of-the-line product designed for high-impact sports competitors, and it’s trusted by professional athletes. Made from the best materials available, the Quad Strap Jock & Cup System is a unique system specially designed to hold the jock cup firmly in place at all times with maximum comfort. The Diamond MMA Cup incorporates a co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising comfort and protection for the athlete.  Your Diamonds are made to fit tight but comfortably. If you are thicker in the thighs and/or seat, go up a size. The product comes in a combination of black and blue colors.

Key Features

  • Designed by award-winning designers and Stanford University engineers, the system has been approved by Doctors and Urologists as the best groin protection on the market.
  • The cup’s patent pending design protects sensitive groin muscles and nerves with a specially designed ergonomic soft elastomer edge.  
  • Diamond MMA products are used by professional athletes worldwide without sponsorships.
  • The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup incorporates a co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising comfort and protection for the athlete.
  • Made from military-grade elastics and premium spandex, the Diamond MMA Compression Jock leverages a high-performance 4-strap jock system to hold a specially designed athletic cup in place within a perfectly tailored cup pocket.
  • This patent-pending system prevents both lateral and vertical movement of the cup. The Diamond MMA Compression shorts have a drawstring providing a custom fit.
  • The Diamond MMA compression jock and cup system is the ultimate in groin protection for high-impact sports and delivers the most effective groin protection without sacrificing comfort.
  • The core of the cup is made with rigid but flexible polycarbonate, the same plastic material utilized in bulletproof glass.


  • Product Weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎11 x 7.2 x 0.8 inches 
  • Model: SYS701
  • Age Group: Mens
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Sizes: S, M, YM, L, XL, XXL, YL, YXL
  • Brand: Diamond MMA


  • Rubber edge for comfort
  • Made of very strong materials
  • Practically has no shifting or movement
  • Designed to disperse shock away from point of impact


  • Costs more than the traditional cup


Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts

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2. Comfy Youth Sized Soft Foam Beginners Protective Athletic Cup

The Comfy Youth Sized Soft Foam Beginners Protective Athletic Cup was created by Little Leaguer Kyler Russell to provide young boys with a comfortable and child-friendly athletic cup option. This cup offers light protection in a comfortable and secure design. In contrast to the run-of-the-mill hard plastic forms, Comfy Cup is delicate and adaptable. It’s formed from the flexible froth that shapes the body and has a breathable cross-section lining. Its downsized size and light effect insurance makes it the ideal first athletic cup for school-matured children simply beginning with physical games. Kyler adored baseball, however, despised the compulsory cup he needed to wear. His folks urged him to channel his grievances into making another option. With some assistance from Mom and Dad, and subsequent to testing models out on his partners, Kyler made this more brilliant, gentler arrangement.

Key Features

  • The Comfy Cup is a soft and flexible protective athletic cup made out of impact-absorbing foam. 
  • Internally lined with a layer of soft foam and moisture-wicking fabric, the Comfy Cup keeps your parts both comfy and cool.
  • The Comfy Cup provides entry-level protection to boys who are just getting used to wearing an athletic cup. The Comfy Cup is the “training bra” of athletic cups.
  • It was designed by an 8-year-old boy to solve the problem of boys who refuse to wear a traditional hard athletic cup. 
  • Unlike many youth cups that are smaller versions of adult-sized cups, the Comfy Cup is designed specifically to match the size and contour of youth bodies.
  • The Comfy Cup has been tested and proven to protect against impact better than wearing no protection at all. The Comfy Cup has been beta-tested by kids ages 7-11. 
  • Weighing only a few ounces, a Comfy Cup is so light-weight, you hardly notice it is there. Wearing a Comfy Cup enables you to focus on the game instead of fidgeting with uncomfortable gear.
  • Kids unanimously agree that the Comfy Cup is more comfortable to wear than a traditional plastic athletic cup.
  • It is also approved to use Baseball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do


  • Product Weight: 1 Ounce
  • Product Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.5 x 2 inches
  • Age Group: Youth
  • Color: Black, Neon Blue, Neon Green
  • Brand: Comfy


  • Very affordable
  • Designed for kids, by a kid
  • Super lightweight and breathable
  • It is flexible and does not restrict movement


  • Not the best choice for kids who catch fast pitchers


It’s important to note that the Comfy Youth Sized Soft Foam Beginners Protective Athletic Cup is ideal for very young ballplayers who are wearing a cup for the first time. The comfortable design helps them get used to wearing a traditional cup. However, it may not withstand fast, direct hits, so it’s not recommended for kids catching fast pitches. As kids progress to higher levels of play with harder pitches, it’s best to switch to one of the more durable cups featured above.

Comfy Youth Sized Soft Foam Beginners Protective Athletic Cup

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3. Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Athletic Cup

Shock Doctor, a world-renowned brand in mouthguard technology, has expanded its expertise into sports protection and performance gear, with the Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Athletic Cup as one of their top offerings. Our continual innovation in performance-driven and protective equipment is trusted by fearless pro and youth athletes. Shock Doctor products are worn by hundreds of professional and college athletes. Like the mouthguard Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup is Ideal for elite athletes, the Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Cup offers multi-layer protection designed to shield and transfer shock away from areas where protection is most needed. The flex curve design forms the body to provide an unrestricted range-of-motion and comfort.

Key Features

  • Impact Shield deflects impact
  • Protection 3-piece impact shield
  • TPO Shell Material developed for auto impact bumpers
  • Gel perimeter and Bio-Shape design for maximum comfort
  •  Patented multi-layer protection transfers shock away from vital areas.
  • Conforming Gel Perimeter Conforms to the body to help prevent chafing
  • Flex curve design forms the body to provide unrestricted range of motion and comfort
  • Offers multi-layer protection designed to shield and transfer shock away from areas where protection is most needed
  • Flex Curve Design Mirrors the body shape and is narrower between the legs allowing unrestricted movement and improved comfort.
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  • Product Weight: 0.04 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Model:  306-01-10
  • Material: Gel
  • Age Group: Youth & Adults
  • Color: Black, Orange
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • ASIN: B00P6HB0HY
  • Brand: Shock Doctor


  • It’s very affordable
  • Comfortable gel-based edge
  • It has three layers for protection
  • Is more narrow than some other bulkier cups


  • It doesn’t use carbon fiber material
  • Tends to run on the larger size


One of the most appealing features of the Ultra Pro Carbon Flex is its affordability. This cup is an excellent option for those on a tight budget who still want a quality product that can provide adequate protection for most ballplayers.

Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Athletic Cup

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4. Shock Doctor Cup Titan Alloy Flex Protective Cup

Shock Doctor Sports is a well-known producer of sports equipment that is focused on delivering protective and high-performance products. Their dedication to innovation and technology has earned them the trust of athletes across various sports, ranging from youth to amateur to professional levels. One of their notable products is the Shock Doctor Cup Titan Alloy Flex Protective Cup. Shock doctor sports has the world’s leading mouth guard product line and also provides a full Continuum of superior athletic products, including core protection, compression, performance sports therapy, sports gloves, and insoles.  Its products are sold through Major sporting goods retailers, independent Dealers, online retailers, and healthcare professionals throughout the United States and around the globe.

Key Features

  • 100% allow
  • Made in the USA
  • Sustains 90-100 mph impacts before deformation
  • Stainless Steel Alloy, Thermoplastic Urethane
  • Fits in all cup pocket shorts/underwear/jockstraps or pants.
  • Stainless Steel Alloy Provides a Lightweight bio-shape and is unbreakable. 
  • Gel Pads / Dual-Density pad makes it supremely comfortable as it protects vital areas. Bio-shape design for maximum comfort and range of motion.
  • A multi-layer protection device designed to shield and transfer shock away from areas where protection is most crucial.
  • Made for all activities that require extreme protection such as baseball, football, lacrosse, fighting, MMA, hockey, cricket, goalies, boxing, wrestling, and more.


  • Material: Gel
  • Age Group: Youth, Men, Boys
  • Color: Grey
  • Sizes: M
  • ASIN: B09BT8G324
  • Brand: Shock Doctor


  • Affordably priced
  • Made to be shocked dispersing
  • Has a gel edge for comfort
  • The outermost layer is made of steel
  • Comprised numerous protective layers


  • Protrudes a bit more than traditional plastic varieties


Several buyers have commented on the high level of comfort provided by the encased gel perimeter of the cup, which helps to prevent shifting. One of the best qualities of this cup is its affordability, making it an excellent option for those looking for a blend of cost and quality.

Shock Doctor Cup Titan Alloy Flex Protective Cup

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5. Mcdavid Boxer Short w/ Protective Flex Cup

The McDavid Flex Cup is paired with boxer shorts made of 10% spandex and 90% polyester, which provide stretch and flexibility. It features impact-absorbing linings that are soft and gentle on the skin, and several ventilation holes to enhance breathability and keep you comfortable during play.

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Simply slide it on for a snug fit and place the cup in the easy-access pocket
  • Complete with flex cup for light weight and maximum protection
  • McDavid’s boxers will provide in protecting your most important areas as well as help reduce injury
  • The New FlexCup design provides maximum protection, it is extremely lightweight & designed with new airflow ports for unmatched ventilation
  • Stretch fabric with Hydravent Moisture management technology keeps athletes cool and dry and provides a full range of motion
  • The New FlexCup design provides maximum protection, extreme lightweight, with new airflow ports for unmatched ventilation
  • Stretch fabric with Hydravent Moisture management technology keeps athletes cool and dry and provides a full range of motion


  • Package Weight: 8.61 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches
  • Model: 9255CFT-B-M
  • Materials: Polyester, Spandex
  • Age Group: Youth, Adult, Mens
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Sizes: AS, M, L, XL, XXL, & XXXL.
  • Brand: McDavid


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to position


  • Doesn’t fit snugly on other briefs


Mcdavid Boxer Short w Protective Flex Cup

Factors Need to Consider for Buying Best Cup for Baseball Catchers

  • Cup Shape: When purchasing the best youth baseball cup, think about the cup’s shape.  In spite of the fact that cups normally have comparative shapes, there are ways of separating everyone. Typically, there are ones that resemble bent transformed triangles. Some others would resemble a sickle moon that has wings. One should make sure to pick the shape that would suit their region the best. It is incredible to note that the airflow ports of a cup are fundamental to achieving the best breathability factor into the cup.
  • Size: Picking the right cup size will be dependent on the abdomen size of a wearer. The standard size graph is isolated into five classes: pee small (XS), youth (Small), teen (medium), Adult (L, XL), and grown-up (additional huge). From there, the waist sizes would vary. This is where a buyer must measure their waist size to gauge which cup they should be getting. Also, when an item doesn’t give a waistline size outline, it is ideal to utilize the standard sizes. It is also best to refer more to the waist sizes instead of the age range. This is because body types may vary, considering how someone of this certain age may have the body size of another age group.
  • Material: There are various types of materials used in the production of the best defensive cup for baseball. They are steel, polymer, metal, and such. Picking the right cup material will pre-decide the measure of assurance and level of solace one would have when wearing the cup. Metal and steel have the greatest amount of protection in any case, sometimes, it sacrifices comfort. Different sorts of materials that don’t relate to metal might be comfortable and soft around the groin area. In any case, other words; such youth athletic cups might sacrifice security.

Final Verdict

When selecting the optimal protective cup for baseball, it is crucial to choose the one that fits your anatomy the best. While online reviews may suggest that a particular product is the best, seeking input and feedback from oneself is often the most effective approach.

Moreover, you should also consider the material utilized for the athletic cups and on the off chance that they influence your well-being and prosperity in any capacity. Besides, it helps that the cups are intended to accommodate your size considering a wide range of sizes to look over that relate to the normal size of guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should baseball players wear cups?

It’s essential for all male athletes to wear protective gear for their groin area when participating in sports. For contact sports like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, or hockey, it’s recommended that your son wears a cup made from durable materials like hard plastic or metal as soon as he is big enough to fit in one.

2. Do female catchers wear cups?

It is not common for female catchers to wear cups, as their anatomy does not require as much protection as male athletes. However, some female catchers may choose to wear a pelvic protector or other forms of protective gear to ensure their safety on the field. It ultimately depends on personal preference and the level of play.

3. What size cup do I need for baseball?

The size of the cup you need for baseball will depend on your waist size and personal preference. Most cups are sold in small, medium, and large sizes. It is recommended that you try on different sizes and adjust the straps to find the best fit for you. It is also important to make sure the cup covers and protects your entire groin area.

4. Do soft athletic cups work?

Soft athletic cups provide some level of protection, but they may not be as effective as hard-shell cups when it comes to high-impact sports like baseball. Soft cups are typically made of foam or other flexible materials and are designed to be more comfortable to wear than hard cups. However, they may not provide the same level of impact resistance as hard cups, so it’s important to consider the level of protection you need for your sport and choose a cup accordingly.

5. Do NHL players wear cups?

Protective cups are important for athletes in sports that involve high-speed objects and contact with other players. These include hockey, football, baseball, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, mixed martial arts, and other contact sports. Wearing a protective cup can help prevent serious injury to the groin area from impacts or collisions during play.


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