To be the best, you have to practice and persevere. You may not generally have the option to practice with your mentor and partner. Hence, you need to track down a superior arrangement without them and need to practice alone. Therefore, you need to find a better solution without them and have to practice alone.

Our Top 3 Picks

- 11%
#Top 1
Franklin Sports Baseball Batting Tee - Hitting Tee for Baseball, Teeball and Softball Batting Practice - Adjustable Tee Stand - Heavy Duty Batting Tee
Franklin Sports Baseball Batting Tee - Hitting Tee for Baseball, Teeball and...
$39.99 $44.99 
#Top 2
TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL | Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee w/ Tanner Original Base, Patented Hand-rolled FlexTop, (TT001)
TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL | Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee w/ Tanner...
#Top 3
Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Baseball and Softball Portable Travel Batting Tee. Easy Adjustable Height, Rolled Flexible Rubber Tee Top. Hitting Tee for Any Age Player Baseball, Softball or Tball.
Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Baseball and Softball Portable Travel Batting Tee....

Softball is a long-standing game and is popular in various nations. It is a variety of baseball and is regularly seen as an indoor game. Assuming you need to play well in this game, you need practice to expand your reflexes and great abilities while playing. That is the reason you ought to furnish yourself with something like one of the Most mind-blowing Softball Tees to rehearse at home at whatever point you have leisure time. The act of softball hitting tees will get productivity and sensational change your abilities in a brief time frame. 

Hitting tees are not only for little leagures and tee-athletes. Go to a secondary everyday schedule batting confine and you’ll discover a lot of ballplayers twisting around, putting a ball on the tee, fixing up and breaking the ball with their bat. You’ll even track down that the top players in the significant league actually use softball tees to practice their swing and measure their leave speed. For those of us who are not kidding about further developing our batting abilities, a softball hitting tee can be our dearest companion. They assist you with practicing your batting to further develop strength and speed without the requirement for a pitcher. A decent tee ought to be tough, difficult to spill, and not meddle with your swing. Get ready to improve your game and check out our top picks for the best baseball tees in 2021.

1. MaxOver X3 Pro-Style Baseball Softball Batting Tee


To wrap things up in our best batting tees audit is the MaxOver X3. This baseball tee will give you a truly open to working experience. 

You can adjust the height very easily. The internal slides allow your editing to be very comfortable. Also, the locking collar is additionally extremely simple to eliminate. So you can take it wherever effortlessly. Then, MaxOver designed the baseball tee to withstand extreme preparation. These hitting tees are extremely durable, and you can rest assured to use them for a long time without fear of damage.

Key Features

  • Rubber-skinned steel base designed to resist slippage
  • Smooth internal slides for easy height adjustment
  • Molded rubber ball holder for low bat resistance and longer life
  • Adjustable stainless-steel locking collar for quick disconnect
  • Lighter weight than other popular pro-style tees but with 10% more tipping resistance


  • Lightweight.
  • Slippage resistant.
  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Quick disconnect for easy transport.


  • It is sometimes out of stock.


If your team is training intensely, consider equipping this MaxOver X3 tee. It would be a very affordable investment. The large height range is also a big plus for this tee.

MaxOver X3 Pro-Style Baseball Softball Batting Tee

2. Franklin Sports Baseball, Softball MLB Pro Porta Hitting Tee


If you are searching for a less expensive variant of the Tanner tee, think about Franklin Sports MLB. We put it in this rundown of best batting tees of 2021 on account of its elements. With a stature that you can change from 27” to 37”, it is more appropriate for youth players. You should remember this moment when choosing to pick this rock solid piece of gear. The hand-moved holder is a major in addition to. It shows that the producer is exceptionally enthusiastic with regards to the item. Elastic tip also builds strength and is more secure to utilize. Moreover, the hitting tee is also incredibly reasonable for open air use.  With fiberglass and aluminum posts, it can withstand harsh weather.

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Key Features

  • Twist and Lock to adjust from 27″ to 37″ high.
  • RUBBER TEE TOP: Hand rolled Pro grade rubber ball holder.
  • DURABLE: All-weather finish with fiberglass and aluminum post.
  • EASY TO MOVE: Pick up and go, to play on any practice field.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Built and designed to develop elite Baseball and Softball players.


  • Affordable.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Easy to move.
  • Hand-rolled holders.
  • Good customer service.


  • It is tough to adjust the height.


If you’re looking to budget hitting tees, consider the Franklin Sports MLB. For a very affordable price, this bat offers a lot of value. You can buy them as tee drills for beginners. It is a worthy investment.

Franklin Sports Baseball, Softball MLB Pro Porta Hitting Tee

3. SKLZ Adjustable 5-Position Baseball, Softball Hitting Tee


The SKLZ is one of the most incredible batting tees each baseball player should purchase. A 5-position framework permits clients to pick better any point or position that best suits their playing. 

Its material is hardened steel that can keep going for a long time. Moreover, the SKLZ Batting Tee is exceptionally reduced to advance better stockpiling limits. There is additionally a handle made advantageous enough to permit you to convey it helpfully. This tee is an ideal decision for those hoping to track down their game instantly. It has a packed and expert plan. It has a compressed and professional design. From 27” to 44”, you can freely adjust the height. 

Key Features

  • Constructed with Durable rubber
  • Standard size home plate
  • Practice inside, middle and outside pitches
  • Improves softball swing mechanics, fundamentals and body positioning


  • Portable with a handle.
  • Compact design.
  • Prominent strike zone.
  • Versatile 5-position system.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.


  • A little stiff on height adjustment.


Moreover, the bat is exceptionally adaptable as it will permit you to practice inside, middle and outside. It will positively give the most unmistakable region when required. It likewise offers a minimal design like a unique outlet in the center of the circle.

SKLZ Adjustable 5-Position Baseball, Softball Hitting Tee

4. MacGregor Batting Tee


If you need to think about fame, the Macgregor bats are for the most part well known with mentors and guardians. Since gatekeepers struggle showing their children’s baseball and softball, and this batting tee is an incredible arrangement. 

The height is adjustable.Accordingly, you can go from child to adult with no issues. That is the most eminent element of this tee. Height adjustment from 22″ to 47″ is sufficiently simple to do. What’s more, this plan makes it ideal for fostering a strong establishment for polishing and cleaning. In case there’s one most significant component to go for when purchasing baseball batting tees in 2021, it’s sturdiness. The Macgregor Company gives the tee’s super strength and balance.

Key Features

  • Plastic
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Adjustable hitting height from 20” to 40”
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Constructed of durable rubber components
  • Features a solid metal base for added weight
  • Protective Qualities: All-weather design
  • Ideal for training players of all ages. 
  • Care & Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean
  • Batting tee for T-ball, softball, baseball
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer


  • Weather resistant.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • USA batting tees.
  • High quality durable materials.
  • Suitable for all ages and balls.


  • It doesn’t have instructions.


The design of these softball batting tees is the most eye-catching of them all. The MacGregor can look simple. However, the design is very effective for practice. You will immediately notice with the design that it will benefit players and coaches.

MacGregor Batting Tee

5. Champro Heavy Duty Rubber Softball Hitting Tee


Sometimes nothing beats a quality item, without a doubt. In case you’re searching for a tough, dependable tee, you can’t turn out badly with this Champro tee. With built up, molded rubber tubes, this is an exercise device for all-evened out genuine competitors. With a smooth plan, this tee makes it certain to stand out enough to be noticed by your competitors. It just comes in three pieces, so the gathering is simple. What’s more, it is likewise intense enough to endure out the entire season. Although plastic alternatives might not have the same smell, they also tend to deteriorate more over time.

Key Features

  • Official size home plate
  • Solid bottom
  • Great Training Tool
  • Height adjusts from 21″ to 36″
  • Reinforced, injection molded interlocking rubber tubes
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  • Adjustable height.
  • Rubber tubes.
  • Ease of assembling.
  • Suitable for all kinds of players.


  • It is smelly.


Finally, CHAMPRO saved money on making this tee by going to buy rubber and passing the savings on to you. Plus, you get a more durable product as an added benefit. 

Champro Heavy Duty Rubber Softball Hitting Tee

6. Storgem Softball Hitting tee 


If you’re searching for the best batting tee for the financial plan, consider this Storgem tee. Not at all like the items we referenced over, the uncommon component of this batting confine is the mount stand. It is on account of this mount base that this tee can remain with no extra weight under. So you can allow your players to rehearse unreservedly without interference. 

This tee is also flexible. You can put any sort of ball on it. It upholds swing players and acquaints them with different balls, which is excellent by and by. It creases up for simple stockpiling and gathering without any instruments required, taking it with you to rehearse anyplace. This element permits the tee to be utilized essentially as a place both inside and outside.

Key Features

  • Suitable: Hitting Tee Portable tee quality wrapped elastic ,The tee can coordinate with different sorts of balls like baseball, softball, and preparing ball, you will have genuine hitting sentiments when swinging the bat to hit the ball on the uncommonly planned tee topper.
  • Durable: Extra-Thick steel tubes for durability,Brackets made of 0.9/1.1 mm thick steel and with a preparing finish,Sturdy stand arrangement gives steadiness and falls to hitting or batting. An adaptable, tough Rubber clincher. Appropriate for a wide range of batting preparing practice.
  • Portable: Batting Softball Tee New improvement with carrying bag, adjusts to 21.5” easy to fold for the tee and take by bag. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Easy to set up: Batting tee for children Hitting Training Practice feelings with great size design.The hitting tee’s height effectively changes from 27.5″ to 48″ by kids hands, along these lines well obliging any strike zone,without any devices. ideal for players from novice to proficient.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Portable design.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Durable piece of equipment.
  • Tripod base for easy setup.


  • If you hit too low, the tee will collapse.


One thing that you don’t have to worry about buying this tee is the lifetime warranty. You can safely use the product with this after-sale service.

Storgem Softball Hitting tee 

Factors Need to Consider For Buying Best Softball Hitting Tee

If you could take every player the world has ever seen, both great and small, back to where it all began, chances are they used a softball tee or tees to hone their skills that’s if they still don’t.

Softball tees are simply indispensable tools for beginners like kids who want to learn the very basics and develop the coordination required for a great swing. To strike a pitched ball, the player must combine good eye and hand coordination with perfect timing, two separate elements that are undoubtedly hard to do simultaneously for most beginners.

As softball tees hold the ball stationary, the player hones the coordination between their eyes and hands, and once perfected, they can move onto learning how to time their strike – a step at a time. This fixed position also offers the ideal control environment to figure out what you are or are not doing right.

Advanced players, too, use them to practice and further refine their skills. A good Softball tee also makes a great substitute for a human pitcher your child can practice for hours on end while it holds up the ball ever faithfully.

But much more than just being able to hold up a ball goes into qualities that make a Softball tee exceptional. With this buying guide, we give you a list of considerations you should make and qualities you should look out for when pitting one softball tee against another, so you can make an informed choice best suited to your needs.

Portability: The portability of the Softball tee is another important factor to consider. The ideal Softball tee should be easy to disassemble into smaller units or collapse into a compact unit for easy storage or transport. And while it should be easy to take apart or collapse, it should also be very easy to put back together. With the right portable tee, you can practice anywhere: at home, in a park, or at the field.

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Adjustability: When scouting for a Softball tee, you always want to go with one that comes with an adjustable stem. The only thing better than a Softball tee that’s just the right height is a Softball tee with adjustable height. An adjustable Softball tee will allow you to practice striking the ball at different heights to simulate the variability of a pitcher’s throw. Adjustable tees are also great for kids so they can keep using it as they grow.

A fixed Softball tee will confine your swing to a particular height and through muscle memory, may make you less accurate with pitches that are not within close range of the tee’s height.

Adjustable Softball tees will almost always come as telescopic units that can easily be lengthened or shortened with a control system.

The height range is also another important factor to consider. The wider the height range, the more variability you get. However, note that the longer the baseball tee, the less balanced it will be as its center of gravity moves upwards.

Stability: As great as your swings may be, you or someone else will most likely strike the tee too low at one point in time or the other. To reduce the chances of it crashing down and getting damaged further, the baseball tee must be very stable. First, it should come with a wide base to balance its tendency to tilt when struck. Also, ideally, the baseball tee should be weighted. A good amount of weight will keep the Softball tee well-grounded and also less likely to topple. If the Softball tee is properly weighted and stable, you will make fewer adjustments and spend more time practicing.

Construction: The durability of the Softball tee is one quality that must not be compromised. The Softball tee must be tough enough to withstand the thousands and thousands of hits that’ll be the sacrifice for honing your skills. The durability of the baseball tee will depend on its constituent materials and its design. Ideally, you want to look for Softball tees made of alloys or composites that will be weather-resistant and impact-resistant. The baseball tee should also come with a holding cone made of a flexible material, like rubber, that won’t damage your bat.

Some modern Softball tees come with built-in air blowers that keep the Softball suspended in the air and not actually touching the tee. These Softball tees boast of excellent durability as the tee itself is very unlikely to get damaged. Even the worst possible swinger would have a hard time hitting the tee itself as they are given a much clearer view of the ball. The disadvantages of these suspension baseball tees, however, are their vulnerability to sudden gusts of wind and high price tag. You will also need a power source to run the air pump, further increasing costs and limiting where they can be used.

Price: You may have seen a Softball tee you love, but you may not love its price tag as much. On average, a Softball tee can cost anywhere around $25 for a low-budget unit to up to $120 for high-performance units.Special models like air suspension Softball tees can go for as high as $250 with a Softball set added as an incentive. Take your needs into consideration when looking at prices.


Among the many Batting Tee products available on the market, it is necessary to make the right choice with your “partner”. Above are the Top 6 Best Softball Hitting Tees which Sport thinks will be suitable not only for those who are learning to play but also for those of you professional level. Persevering practice will bring you good results. You will soon become the best and leave the opponent behind.


1. Are batting tees worth it?

The tee is perhaps the most ideal way of sharpening your swing as a hitter. Now and again there is a shame from t-ball that says you ought to grow out of it, yet that is not the situation. Major association hitters work off the tee routinely to keep their mechanics perfect and fresh.

2. What does a backspin tee do?

The Backspin Tee is designed to change the manner in which a hitter takes a gander at the baseball or softball. Practicing the appropriate area to strike the ball is fundamental. Simply watch out for the ball, and let the Backspin Tee wrap up.