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While gold chains are often associated with the hip-hop culture, many professional athletes also enjoy sporting this look. Baseball players are frequently seen wearing gold necklaces both on and off the field, while basketball players tend to prefer a more flashy look off the court. If you love hip-hop accessories and modern street style, you may draw inspiration from the most prominent figures in the hip hop and sports world, but how can you put your own spin on it? Ice NYC offers a wide selection of trendy gold necklaces to help you look fresh and stylish no matter where you go. Take a look at some of the styles that athletes have been wearing this year and try incorporating them into your own personal style.

A Brief History of Gold Chains 

For centuries, gold has played a significant role in the jewelry industry. Its use can be traced back to 3,000 BC when the Egyptians started incorporating it into their accessories and currency. The ancient Egyptians were so enamored with this precious metal that they used it to adorn almost everything, from their clothes to burial caskets. Over the course of millennia, gold has been used as a commodity, to create new currencies, and, of course, to make jewelry and other highly valuable items. Throughout history, everyone from the Ancient Greeks to eighteenth-century European monarchs used gold to display their status in society, a concept that is not entirely different from how we view gold today. The more gold you wear, the higher your perceived social status and financial stability. While golden jewelry is certainly a way to flaunt your place in society, it also adds a glittering, pleasurable element that people are naturally drawn to in various ways.

The current trend of gold chains is an evolution of earlier and simpler forms of gold jewelry. However, the recent boom in the hip-hop jewelry industry is largely attributed to the rise of hip-hop culture worldwide.

During the birth of hip-hop in the 1970s and 1980s, rappers and DJs began showcasing extravagant jewelry. As the genre’s popularity grew, so did its associated fashion. Hip-hop jewelry became identifiable by its distinct chain designs and large, flashy pendants. Gemstones are often incorporated into gold chain designs as an additional way of displaying luxury and wealth.

For what reason Do Athletes Wear Gold Chains? 

While men’s gold chains are often associated with hip hop stars, many professional athletes are also frequently seen wearing these pieces. The reason for this is similar to the reason for sporting any expensive or luxurious accessories – status. The larger and more intricate an athlete’s jewelry is, the more influential they are likely to be perceived. It is essentially a way of outshining everyone else in the industry (or the world).

Different types of athletes tend to have their own preferences when it comes to the style of gold chains they wear. Baseball players tend to wear longer and thinner chains, often without a pendant, while NBA players can be seen wearing three-dimensional and eye-catching gold chains.

Each sport has its own set of rules regarding wearing chains during a game. In baseball, players are typically allowed to wear one gold chain during a game, as it is not considered a significant safety hazard. On the other hand, the NFL allows players to wear jewelry under their uniforms to prevent injuries, so football players may opt for a thinner and simpler chain during games.

The NBA, in any case, has stringent guidelines against wasting chains, which Michael Jordan, who broadly re-thought a division of the dress principles by shrinking custom tennis footwear and plentifuller shorts, ventured to break. As a result of the actual contact incorporated with the ball, the fellowship inferred that chains were a darn

Our Favorite Athletes Wearing Chains 

Athletes from various sports are often seen wearing some form of jewelry. In today’s world, gold chains have become incredibly popular among professional athletes. For many years, baseball players have been seen wearing simple gold chains, often with Figaro or curb chain designs without any pendants.

On the field, Boston Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts can often be seen flaunting a Figaro chain, which is inspired by Italian chairmakers and features several round links connected with one elongated oval-shaped link. This unique pattern distinguishes it from the Cuban link and curb chain due to the variation in link style. Off the court, NBA player Kevin Durant is frequently spotted wearing one or more gold chains.

Known for his fashionable style, Kevin Durant prefers longer, thinner curb-style gold chains. Although he has been seen wearing delicate gold chains with large, flashy pendants in the past, in recent years, he likes to pair a simple gold chain with a bomber jacket or even a velvet blazer. Meanwhile, Michael Crabtree, a wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, is often seen wearing a chain under his jersey during games. He tends to prefer the rope chain style, but when playing, he opts for a sleek gold necklace over larger, more extravagant ones.

Famous Gold Chain Styles for Athletes

Cuban Link Chain 

There are various styles of men’s golden chain necklaces available, but the Cuban link design has been dominant in the hip hop jewelry industry for a long time. Those who want to show off their style should invest in a high-quality Cuban link chain. For a more subtle look similar to that of popular athletes, one can opt for a chain with longer and slimmer links that still has the classic design. If you want to make a statement for the night, try wearing a thick Cuban link chain without a pendant to grab everyone’s attention. This style usually looks better when worn alone, but you can still add a pendant to a thinner style. Additionally, Cuban link bracelets are another great way to add some flair to your outfit if you’re not feeling like wearing a necklace that day. Or, you can wear both a necklace and bracelet for a bold and trendy look.

Cuban Link Chain 

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Franco Chain 

Another classic style for athletes is the Franco chain. It’s similar to the Cuban link, but it features smaller links for a tighter look. This gives the gold chain a seamless appearance instead of a bunch of interlocked links. If you have a flashy pendant that you’ve been wanting to show off at the club, add it to your Franco chain. For an even more extravagant look, opt for a chunky chain covered in diamonds to add an extra bit of bling to your everyday style.

Franco Chain 

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Figaro Chain 

Baseball players prefer to wear the Figaro chain as it looks great whether worn alone or with an earring. This chain is perfect for everyday wear, so if you want to show off like your favorite MLB stars, a white or yellow gold Figaro chain is the way to go. The varying sizes of the links on this chain set it apart from other styles and give it that unique Italian-inspired look.

Figaro Chain 

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Check Chain 

Don’t hold back on your style when it comes to choosing a gold chain. We know you want something that will make all the heads turn your way. And if you go for a curb chain, you’re sure to get that kind of attention. Similar to the Cuban link, the curb chain is made up of interlocking links of the same size and shape, but with more space between each link, making each one more visible. This style is perfect for making a statement.

Check Chain 

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Rope Chain 

The rope chain is known for its durability and toughness, making it a popular choice among athletes. While some prefer a thinner version of this style on the court, a thick rope chain can be a great way to showcase your biggest pendants. Made up of several thin wire strands woven together, the rope chain is the perfect accompaniment for a Jesus piece or any flashy pendant you want to show off.

Rope Chain 

Tips for Wearing Your Gold Chain 

Solo or With a Pendant 

This versatile gold chain is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Whether you wear it solo for a classic and understated look or pair it with a pendant to add some personality, this chain is sure to impress. Made with high-quality materials, it features a sturdy clasp for added security. Its sleek and elegant design makes it perfect for any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal event. With a variety of lengths and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your style and needs. Invest in this timeless piece and enjoy it for years to come.

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Solo or With a Pendant 

Picking either Yellow and White Gold 

This product offers a choice between two classic colors of gold: yellow and white. Yellow gold has a warm, traditional feel that has been popular for centuries. It has a natural, rich shine that is often associated with luxury and sophistication. White gold, on the other hand, is a more modern and contemporary choice. It has a cooler tone and is often chosen for its elegant and understated look. Both options are crafted from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Whichever color you choose, you can be sure that your gold chain will be a timeless and versatile addition to your jewelry collection.

Picking either Yellow and White Gold

The most effective method to Select the Right Pendant 

Adding a pendant to your gold chain is a great way to enhance your jewelry collection, but it’s important to choose the right match for your chain. If you have a thick rope chain, the pendant should be proportionate in size. Don’t try to add a small pendant to a thick chain as it may look out of place. For the most stylish look, opt for a large and flashy pendant to pair with your thick chains. If you have a more slender style chain, you can go for a larger pendant, but make sure it can handle the weight. Otherwise, it’s best to choose a smaller and more delicate pendant to complement the chain.


Jesus Piece Rope Chain

This Jesus Piece Rope Chain is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to make a statement with their jewelry. The rope chain is made up of several thin interwoven metal strands, creating a strong and durable chain that can withstand everyday wear. The pendant itself features a detailed depiction of Jesus, with intricate detailing and a polished finish that catches the light beautifully. The pendant is proportionate to the chain, making it the perfect fit for this style of chain. The overall effect is both bold and eye-catching, making this piece a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of religious symbolism to their style. The chain is available in both yellow and white gold, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your personal taste. Wear it alone or pair it with other chains and pendants for a layered look.

jesus piece chain

Chill Out Round Pendant

Looking for a way to add some extra bling to your outfit? Look no further than this Chill Out Round Pendant, the perfect accessory to complement any gold chain. The pendant features a stylish and eye-catching design, with a circular shape and intricate detailing that is sure to catch the eye.

Made from high-quality materials, this pendant is durable and long-lasting, so you can wear it with confidence knowing that it will look great for years to come. And with its versatile design, it can be paired with a wide range of different gold chains, making it a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just looking to add some extra style to your everyday look, this Chill Out Round Pendant is the perfect choice. So why wait? Add it to your collection today and start turning heads wherever you go!

Chilled Out Pendants 

The Frost NYC Collection Brings Ultimate Swagger to Your Look 

At Frost NYC, we take pride in offering high-quality gold chains that are available in a range of sizes and can be crafted in either yellow or white gold. Whether you prefer a simple solo chain or want to pair it with a pendant, we have a variety of styles to choose from. And if you already have a collection of chains, you can customize them with our selection of pendants. We are committed to providing you with the best gold chains to elevate your style.


However, wearing a chain is a personal choice and it may also provide some players with a sense of comfort or good luck charm during the game. Some players may also wear a chain to show off their personal style and individuality on the field. While it may not be allowed in all sports or at all levels of play, wearing a chain can be a fun and stylish way for athletes to express themselves and add some extra flair to their game. At Frost NYC, we offer a wide variety of high-quality gold chains that are perfect for athletes and anyone looking to add some style and sophistication to their wardrobe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What necklaces do MLB players wear?

Phiten Necklace

MLB players wear a variety of necklaces, including gold chains, rope chains, and cross pendants. Some players also wear necklaces with their jersey number or other personalization. The type of necklace worn by a player is often a personal choice and can vary from player to player. However, due to safety concerns, only necklaces that are not considered distracting or dangerous to other players are allowed during games.

2. What kind of jewelry do baseball players wear?

Baseball players typically wear gold chains or necklaces during games, often with a cross or other pendant attached. Some players may also wear bracelets or earrings. However, the rules and regulations for jewelry vary by league and level of play, with some organizations having stricter guidelines than others.

3. What chains do rappers wear?

Hip Hop Chains

Hip-hop chains have become a staple in the fashion industry and are loved by both music artists and fashion enthusiasts alike. These chains are designed to be bold, unique, and eye-catching, making them the perfect accessory to complete any outfit. Our hip-hop chains come in a variety of styles, including Cuban links, rope chains, and Franco chains, all crafted from high-quality materials such as 14K and 18K gold. Whether you’re looking for a classic style or something more modern, we have a chain that will suit your personal taste and style. Each of our hip-hop chains is made to last and will elevate your look to the next level.

4. Why do all MLB players wear necklaces?

MLB players wear necklaces for various reasons, including superstition, personal style, and religious beliefs. Some players believe that wearing a necklace brings them good luck, while others wear it as a fashion statement. Certain players also wear necklaces with religious symbols, such as a cross or a saint pendant, to show their faith. However, it is important to note that only Major League Baseball allows players to wear necklaces during games due to safety concerns.

5. Why do so many MLB players wear chains?

Many MLB players wear chains for various reasons. Some wear them for fashion and to express their personal style, while others wear them for sentimental reasons, such as to honor a loved one or to represent their cultural heritage. Some players may also wear chains as a way to bring good luck or to stay grounded during the game. However, it is important to note that the MLB has strict rules on jewelry and only allows players to wear chains that are discreet and not distracting during games.

6. Can pitchers wear chains?

No, pitchers are not allowed to wear chains during MLB games for safety reasons. Chains or any other kind of jewelry can pose a risk to the player wearing it or other players on the field if it were to accidentally break or come loose during the game.

7. Why does Mookie Betts wear a baseball necklace?

Mookie Betts wears a baseball necklace as a personal tribute to his love for the game of baseball. The necklace features a small baseball pendant and is a reminder to him of his passion for the sport. He has been seen wearing the necklace during games and even during interviews.

8. What is a Phiten necklace?

A Phiten necklace is a type of sports necklace that is believed to help relieve muscle tension and improve athletic performance. It is made by the Japanese company Phiten and is made up of a nylon cord that is infused with titanium. The theory behind the necklace is that the titanium helps to balance the body’s electrical charges and improve the flow of energy throughout the body, which can lead to increased relaxation, reduced pain, and improved performance. While some athletes swear by the benefits of Phiten necklaces, the scientific evidence for their effectiveness is limited.

9. Why do black rappers wear chains?

The tradition of wearing chains in hip-hop culture can be traced back to the 1980s when it became a symbol of success and wealth. For black rappers, who have historically faced systemic oppression and discrimination, the wearing of chains and other expensive jewelry can be seen as a way to reclaim power and show that they have overcome their circumstances. Additionally, hip-hop culture places a strong emphasis on self-expression and individuality, and wearing unique and flashy chains is one way for artists to showcase their personal style and creativity.


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